2024 Paris Olympics

Katie Grimes just became the first American to qualify for the 2024 Olympics by winning bronze in a photo finish at the 10K at the swimming world championships. Top 3 spots only qualified, the woman she out touched was reigning world champion, so a clutch finish. This will be her first time competing in open water, and her second olympics – at 15, she was the youngest American in Tokyo.

Summer McIntosh is our great hope in swimming now that Ledecky is getting older. Unlike the US, gold medals are rare here.

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Just learned that some of the swimming competitions will be held in the refurbished Georges Vallerey pool. As someone who enjoyed watching old Tarzan movies I found that interesting as Johnny Weissmuller apparently won a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics in that pool.

Good article on how Paris trying to make it a green Olympics.

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Will they use the Piscine Molitor as the warm up area?

The warm up area has to be next door, so I assume no.

But wikipedia says that swimming is at Paris La Défense Arena, and diving / water polo / artistic swimming is at the new aquatic center in St. Denis, so I don’t understand why the NY Times is talking about the Georges Vallerey renovations. 2024 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia

Georges Vallerey will be used as a training site during the Olympics according to some other articles.

I hope you know I was joking. It was a reference to Life of Pi.

Tangential to Olympics: The long time (46 years) head coach of the Texas swim team is retiring, and will be replaced by Bob Bowman (former coach of Phelps, current coach of Léon Marchand). The announcement that Bowman is leaving Arizona State for Texas came yesterday, 4/1, two days after Marchand won the NCAA title for ASU (technically there were other people on the team, but Marchand won 3 individual events, 2 in record time, and was on 2 winning / record setting relays with crazy splits). The announcement is so stunning that coverage has to specify that it isn’t an April Fool’s joke. https://swimswam.com/bob-bowman-named-director-head-mens-coach-at-texas-two-days-after-ncaa-title-with-asu/

And to make this Olympics related, Marchand is going to be ridiculous this summer. His 500 free time was 4 seconds faster than the non-Marchand record, he already owns the 400 IM WR, after being the only person to ever be close to Phelps’ old record, and with the NCAA record in the 200 breast is competitive there as well.

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This happened before the Tokyo olympics, but I think the more interesting question is whether or not it raises issues for the Paris games. Will there be a backlash against or shunning of the Chinese swimmers after yet more weird drug testing news?

I don’t think being interviewed on TMZ is such a bad thing.

Opinions there may differ. Don’t the Kardashians get interviewed on TMZ? That sounds bad.

Cart before the horse. I guess we can assume these Chinese are bad because TMZ wants to interview them. But sometimes TMZ takes perfectly innocent people and drags them through the mud.