2024 Paris Olympics

In high school, Ledecky’s team won the club championship, and also set the record for the high school girls medley relay. The person who swam breast stroke on that record setting relay team was Schuyler Bailar, who later became the first openly trans NCAA swimmer. He dropped 4 seconds on his 100 breast time after transitioning (testosterone works!), which strongly suggests that he was not on PEDs while competing very successfully as Ledecky’s teammate.

I predict Dana Rettke will become a breakout star and household name from this olympic games. The star middle blocker on the US Women’s volleyball team, she is tall, pretty, and a dominating player on a team that should be a gold medal favorite.

Aussie swim trials so far: Titmus put up a 3:55.44 in the 400m, 2nd fastest to her WR of 3:55.38. McKeown went 57.41 in the 100 back, 2nd fastest to her WR of 57.33. Reigning silver medalist Anderson from last year’s world championships set a PR in the 100 back and missed the team b/c O’Callaghan became the 4th woman ever under 58 seconds.

Last Sunday, on Last Week Tonight there was a story about how polluted the river Seine is in Paris - where olympic events will be held. It’s basically a sewer line, but the Paris mayor said she would swim in it on June 30th to show how “cleaned up” it has become. So there is a website dedicated to when and where people can “drop a duece” up river so that the floaters get down to Paris on June 30th.

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There is a new Netflix film called Under Paris that has sharks in the Seine during a triathlon. Haven’t seen it yet.

Mollie O’Callaghan’s race strategy in the 200m:

  1. Enter race as WR holder.
  2. Swim faster than previous WR (1:52.48 vs 1:52.85).
  3. Look up to see that Titmus won the race (1:52.23).

I think she may need to change step 3 in Paris.

Summer McIntosh is barely on anyone’s radar but she may clean up in the Women’s IM events. She is only 17 so will have many opportunities for gold.

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This was a surprise. I bet the tickets for Olympic doubles tennis just went up by a factor of three