2024 NFL Football Thread

OAK and SD now need teams, apparently, else their cities will cease to exist.

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Why DOES Oakland exist? There’s already one in Michigan.

The slow-tease of the schedule release begins…

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Per Al Breer, the Commanders are hosting LSU QB Jayden Daniels, North Carolina QB Drake Maye, Michigan QB JJ McCarthy and Washington QB Michael Penix on their 30 visits TOGETHER tonight and tomorrow,

That’s just weird.

Sounds like they’re bringing back Elimidate!

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Nice long article about why Belichick is out of work.
Short story seems to be: he is aiming for Don Shula’s career win record, then he’s out. So, two years or so of upheavaling a team’s organizational structure, only for him to retire. So who wants that?

Guessing he will be hired midseason for the next three years.


A second source close to Kraft said, “[Kraft] found Bill to be extremely difficult and obstinate and kind of stubborn and, in the end, not worthy of his trust. And also very, very, very arrogant.”

TIL… nothing

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i am a fan. and everyone knew he was looking for the win record and little else after bc he’s in his 70s. the suggested stuff kraft said to anyone - is he difficult? i bet he is and everyone knows it.

Is he so difficult that kraft prefers to pay the $25M he owes him this year instead of having his new salary offset it? I doubt it. saying “he can be difficult” is exactly what @Funemployed posted.

Pretty sure Kraft wanted him to get a new NFL Football coaching job for precisely, and only, that reason.

right. which makes the alleged efforts to sabotage by kraft unlikely IMO.

So which one(s) walk out of the meeting room with a rose?

More important: which one had a handsy make-out session in the Jacuzzi??

No matter which one wins, I see this ending in a divorce in about three months.