2024 Fantasy Football

Alright congratulations to me in my league!

So, I’m reading this yahoo post by some yahoo.

He says this:

Let’s establish some bye week rules up front. I think it’s a folly to draft with a heavy lean into bye weeks.

Eh. I had three or four MIA players and got crushed exactly one week. Boo-hoo me. Still won a trophy.
Here are the Teams’ Bye Weeks by Bye Week:

Okay, the byes shake out this way:

I don’t know about you, but I want my players rested for MY playoff weeks, which are 15, 16, and 17. So, Assuming I make the playoffs with a week to spare (and possible, since I’ll have players playing every week before that, I think I’ll lean heavily on Week 14. If I am in need of more points for Week 14, I hope to know this before our trade deadline, and trade away some of those players for some who have already had their bye week. (In our league, we swap future draft spots, so teams out of it can get to work on the following year early.

Here is something a little more interesting in the article:

With that in mind, here are the “easy” September schedules, if that’s even knowable

  • Bengals: Patriots, at Chiefs, Commanders, at Panthers
  • Jets: at Niners, at Titans, Patriots, Broncos
  • Lions: Rams, Buccaneers, at Cardinals, Seahawks
  • Niners: Jets, at Vikings, at Rams, Patriots
  • Chargers: Raiders, at Panthers, at Steelers, Chiefs
  • Commanders: at Buccaneers, Giants, at Bengals, at Cardinals
  • Seahawks: Broncos, at Patriots, Dolphins, at Lions

The Lions have three home games bunch in here, which is nice. Washington’s start is mitigated some by three road games. After the Niners, the Jets take aim at three inexperienced quarterbacks.

Using the same methodology, here are the “hard” September schedules

  • Chiefs: Ravens, Bengals, at Falcons, at Chargers
  • Ravens: at Chiefs, Raiders, at Cowboys, Bills
  • Patriots: at Bengals. Seahawks at Jets, at Niners
  • Jaguars: at Dolphins, Browns, at Bills, at Texans
  • Falcons: Steelers, at Eagles, Chiefs, Saints
  • Vikings: at Giants, Niners, Texans, at Packers
  • Titans: at Bears, Jets, Packers, at Dolphins
  • Rams: at Lions, at Cardinals, Niners, at Bears

I would hope that someone can update this before my draft.

“Easy” Week 15-17 Schedules (weather is not factored in)

  • Chargers: Buccaneers, Broncos, at Patriots
  • Colts: at Broncos, Titans, at Giants
  • Cardinals: Patriots, at Panthers, at Rams
  • Falcons: at Raiders, Giants, at Commanders
  • Bengals: at Titans, Browns, Broncos
  • Packers: Rams, at Dolphins, Lions
  • Cowboys: at Panthers, Buccaneers, at Eagles
  • Saints: Commanders, at Packers, Raiders
  • Jaguars: Jets, at Raiders, Titans

“Hard” Week 15-17 Schedules (weather is not factored in)

  • Steelers: at Eagles, at Ravens, Chiefs
  • Texans: Dolphins, at Chiefs, Ravens
  • Browns: Chiefs, at Bengals, Dolphins
  • Lions: Bills, at Bears, at Niners
  • Dolphins: at Texans, Niners, at Browns
  • Giants: Ravens, at Falcons, Colts
  • Niners: Rams, at Dolphins, Lions

I would hope that someone can update this before my trade deadline.

So the strategy would be to draft easy September teams’ players, then trade for easy Weeks 15-17.

But, really, Fantasy is a lot about the defenses your players are playing that week and to make a good guess which players to play. Play specific RBs against shitter run defenses, play specific WR’s and TE against shittier pass defenses. Track the top Cornerbacks, and think about sitting your WR’s who are playing against them. And this is more about #2’s than one’s top RB or WR. I played CMcC every week I could. That was a no-brainer.

Weird Suggestion from me: Play as shitty as possible in Week 1, so you can pick up the surprise FA player from Week 1.
I’d like to think that ESPN’s projections take all this into account, but that is some black-box “trust me” program.

This doesn’t make too much sense:

After the Niners, the Jets take aim at three inexperienced quarterbacks.

Again, it makes no difference who the Jets’ Defense is playing against; it is who your Jets’ Offensive players are playing against.
And, when your players’ teams are way ahead, your WR’s get a lot fewer passes thrown at them. More RB work, though. So, pick RB’s from teams with better than average defenses. Also, pick RB’s that can catch passes and run well after catches.