2024 European Soccer Championships


I wonder what the USA interest level for the Copa 2024, to be held in the USA, is.

Guessing 15% positive interest. Also guessing the attendance record, set in 2016 when the USA hosted, will be broken.

Euro’s start on Friday. Will set up “library” for particular countries.

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Surprisingly, the Euros will be broadcast on my regular Canadian sports cable channel so no need to purchase a streaming service. Copa America is only on a streaming service though.

wiki shows it on TSN. Isn’t that the equivalent of ESPN? Or is wiki incorrect?

You are right. I just checked the TSN Canada site and they have picked up the Copa América games. Thanks!

Now I guess I have no excuse but to watch Copa América as well as the Euros!

Germany and France are looking very strong this year.

Don’t underestimate the Dutch has been my motto for 50 years.

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They recently added two players who were on holiday. One had his parents drive five hours to take him his shoes. Not sure if the Dutch can be counted on this year.
But who knows? Depends a lot on getting out of the Group.

GER looks to get through, though they could pull up lame.
Group B looks pretty tough. ESP, CRO and ITA!
ENG looks to get through, no idea about 2nd place
Group D looks tough, though FRA will get through, POL and NED will fight for 2nd.
BEL to get through, three DNGAF teams fighting for 2nd.
POR and CZE get through, they’ll fight for 1st and 2nd.

Question is, how does a third place team qualify?
Easiest way is a three-way tie at 6 points, as the top three beat on the 4th place team, while winning and losing to each other. Hope that not every 3rd Place team does this.
Then a win and two ties for 5 points.
4 points leaves it up to the tie-breakers, main ones are goal difference and goals scored. So, beat up your 4th Place team more than the other groups’ 3rd place teams beat up on their 4th place teams.

I just got the message below from Canada Soccer. Looks like Canadians aren’t flocking to the US to see Canada’s matches.

Hey CanadaRED!

As anticipation and excitement grows ahead of kick off of the CONMEBOL Copa América USA 2024, we are connecting with a special last minute ticket opportunity. As part of Canada Soccer’s ticket allocation for the competition, there are a limited number of tickets available for purchase across multiple categories for all three of Canada’s Group Stage Matches.

This is a limited time offer and is on a first come first served basis! Please ensure to submit your order by 11:59PM ET on Sunday 16 June.

That 5-1 Germany win today over Scotland is actually flattering for Scotland. Total domination by Germany.

Feels like it’s been a long time since you could say that about Germany in a game where the opponent wasn’t a true minnow.

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Amazing number of Albanian fans at the ALB-ITA match.

Surprised how easily Spain handled Croatia.

Demolition job.

Bellingham doesn’t disappoint.