2023 to 2026 World Cup Qualifier Prediction Contest

I’m going to run another World Cup qualifier prediction contest, and since the qualifier campaign kicks off in September, I figured I’ll get things running.

I’m going to use Google Forms to accept the answers this time. The form will ask you to be logged into google, but I’m not collecting email addresses and you should be able to go back and change your responses at any time.

Scoring will be simplified from the last one on the AO.

You will score points equal to 100 - the ELO probability of the result you selected if you are correct, and 0 if you are wrong.

ELO will be based on the World Football ELO here: https://www.eloratings.net/
and the ELO probability calculator here: the elo soccer probability engine

You will also score a bonus 3 points for the winning score (or one of the drawn teams score) correct, 1 point for the losing score correct, or 5 points for the exact scoreline.

Links to the google forms, standings and all will be in the post below.

Current Entry Forms (due 10 November)

November 2023 - CONMEBOL
November 16 2023 - AFC
November 21 2023 - AFC
November Matchday 1 - CAF
November Matchday 2 - CAF

Overall Standings

1. 1695814                        1225
2. Kid Rock                       1165
3. Mountainhawk                    924
4. Cooke                           574

CONMEBOL Standings

1. 1695814                         670
2. Kid Rock                        593
3. Cooke                           460   
4. Mountainhawk                    372

AFC Standings

1. Kid Rock                        572
2. 1695814                         555
3. Mountainhawk                    552
4. Cooke                           114

CONCACAF, OFC, UEFA, and CAF will start later.

temp 3

If someone can try out the form sometime on Monday (still making some final edits), I’d appreciate it.

@1695814 — I see your responses, let me know if it will let you go back and edit them.

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Yes, editing was no problem…just had to click the “Edit your response” link

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Nice, and it changed your answers to the final format (I was editing in the points for the first round of games to the form when you submitted). Thanks. I can’t have it send you an email unless I collect email addresses, and I’m not going to do that, so everyone will just have to confirm there own submission. I’ll lock them sometime around the first of the month, and then put up the next months matches at the same time (if there are any).

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Thanks for doing this. Will provide an entry in due course.

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Submitted first round. Definitely an easier format. Look forward to this. It remains the most engaging contest I have participated on the site.

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4 weeks to enter!

@Cooke @dr_t_non-fan anyone else that wants to get in from the start.

10 days to enter!

Done. Thanks for the reminder!

30 games to predict for October – get the picks in by around 10/1!

October 2023 (AFC) Entry Form (closes 1 Oct 2023)
October 2023 (CONMEBOL) Entry Form (closes 1 Oct 2023)

BTW, Sri Lanka is currently suspended by FIFA, but they have until 10/2 to get reinstated before the forfeit is enforced. If they don’t play, those games won’t be scored, so you can assume they play and not just pick 3:0 wins for Yemen.

Kicking off WC Qualifying in a couple of days, looks like 4 of us from the start — hopefully we get a few stragglers as we go.

@Cooke @1695814 @Kid_Rock — October games are available for picking!

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Oh, sorry, just noticed it went to a new spreadsheet. Y’all are ahead of the game :slight_smile:


Matchday 1 in the books!

Paraguay 0 - Peru 0
Columbia 1 - Venezuela 0
Argentina 1 - Ecuador 0
Brazil 5 - Bolivia 1
Uruguay 3 - Chile 1

Scores from this matchday:

1695814 179
Kid Rock 176
Cooke 111
Mountainhawk 75

Totals for the contest are updated in post 2!

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Matchday 2 in the books!

Peru 0 - Brazil 1
Chile 0 - Colombia 0
Venezeula 1 - Paraguay 0
Ecuador 2 - Uruguay 1
Bolivia 0 - Argentina 3

Scores from this matchday:

Cooke 177
1695814 172
Kid Rock 46
Mountainhawk 41

Post 2 updated with totals!


Been waiting to see if the dates of the CAF qualifying got finalized, but if it’s not out there soon I’ll post the November predictions in the next day or two.