2023 The Masters Thread

OK, starts tomorrow. Should be OK.
Will try to watch some.

Stopped watching the Par 3 after an hour or so.

masters week in the office? middle aged white guy circle jerk week. only topped by when the ryder cup is happening. can’t wait to see all the dudes in the quarter-zip tops w the logo bust them out tomorrow and friday, just begging for me to ask if they played there.

i like the event in spite of that surrounding circus.

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Hard to see someone beating Scheffler. His game looks so tight right now in all areas, it is truly impressive. He doesn’t seem to have that 7 hovering right below the surface the way Rory does. Would like to see Rory get his jacket. In a pool with A, B. C, and D tiers, I did go with Quadzilla, Hoge and Tom Kim due to length or great iron play for lower tiers. On Masters site, with former champ, US player, international and wild card, I went Schef, McIlroy, Finau and Quad. Excited!

Rahm is also a good bet. Among non-major winners, I think Homa is maybe the biggest favorite, although that still isn’t saying much. A Scheffler/Rahm vs. the field would be a pretty interesting bet right now.

Only once in the last 49 years has a player won both the Players and the Masters in the same year - Tiger Woods in 2001. It would be quite a feat.

In my first Masters pool this year. Ended up with Justin Thomas, Xander Schauffele, Juaquin Niemann and Shane Lowry on a snake draft. Points assigned by daily performance. I am the only one in the pool that doesn’t have at least 1 person who’s already won it, so I don’t feel great about that. But I’ll pay more attention as a result.

How are points distributed? Reverse order? Low shot versus of each hole?

This is an excellent question that I should really know more about…stay tuned…

Pts by finish per round. Final round is double points. Aggregated by round at the end.

Place Pts
1 30
2 20
3 18
4 16
5 14
6 12
7 10
8 9
9 8
10 7
11-15 6
16-20 5
etc 4…

You should ask about ties.

For individual rounds you get the points associated with the daily finishing spot regardless of ties. This group has never had a tie at the end before, so there isn’t actually a current procedure I don’t think. It’s definitely feasible though. I’ll raise the issue at some point.

Your guys haven’t won but at least 3 have played very well in the event. X of to great start.

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Fortunately we picked injury alternates, since Zalatoris pulled out already apparently. Guy who had him gets Pereira put in his place. :grimacing:

very few in the office this week. one logo sighting though!

Couple interesting rules issues. First one with Koepka. His caddie clearly caught on film telling other caddie Brooks hit 5 iron on 15. Two stroke penalty. Not sure if it was officially ruled upon. They say it’s broken all the time. I will say from playing in a lot of competitions that this is not common in events I have played. Brooks denied it happened by noting player didn’t know what they hit but it was his caddie telling other caddie. Not sure how he doesn’t take overnight penalty. Second one was Morikawa moving his ball around. It looks like he moves it closer to hole. Bad form. When you can find a good spot, has to go back a little versus forward. Unlikely a big difference from the difference. Stories from Arnie back in the day walking off a new line when standing water on green and adding 6’ in order to avoid controversy.

Was ruled upon and no penalty for Brooks. Tiger drew a penalty on 15. Video clearly see caddie look right at Woodland’s caddie and mouth/ say “five”. Twice.

Super unlucky for tiger. Hitting the pin and then having a penalty assessed is what, 4-stroke swing after what was in all likelihood a great shot?

Loooool…googled after you posted and found the penalty from 2013…ignore prior post.

Link for this? I actually can’t find anything at all.

I watched a couple of hours yesterday, but deleted the rest.
ESPN thinks I want to watch interviews of non-golfers while a real golfer is burning up the course.