2023 resolutions

What have you got?

I’m going to try to completely avoid caffeine, no chocolate, no decaf coffee.

I also want to spend less time with my in laws.

Thinking about doing the coffee equivalent of a dry month. Also thinking of a dry month.

ETA: Socialize more.

Spend more time with friends. Don’t fail at new job. Get at least one massage without the prerequisite of being on vacation.

Finish at least 10 quilts. Get down to a capsule wardrobe. Not roll any PTO over at the end of the year. Exercise more.

3840p x 2160p


No resolutions, though I did have hoppin’ john and greens today.

Lose 24 pounds… 2 lbs a month should be doable.

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might I suggest, don’t “lose” weight, your subconscious will just try to find it again.

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I think we decided to do dry January. And driving past a nearby golf course yesterday my wife and I talked about playing more this year, so I’ve got that going for me.

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I approve of this resolution. Golf is good for the soul.

No alcohol for a year and run at least one marathon.


I have a few. Last year pretty much sucked at work a lot and in my personal life a bit. Huge reorg at Humana and we cut a bunch of staff so it was extremely stressful. I had my role shuffled around quite a bit and I don’t really like where I ended up. My mother fell and broke her hip in October and that created a lot of stress to end the year. My mom had a successful hip repair and she has gone from barely able to move to back to about 70% of her pre break mobility. She should be fully recovered by March or so. I have decided to seriously look for a new work role. At work it’s time to find a better fit for my skills and plans. I only got 20 more years or so and I want to work. No reason to stay in a role that is limiting my growth and not really using my talent.

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Well, bad news is that I ended up gaining some weight back over the holidays. Good news is that losing that weight (I hope) will be a little easier.

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Get more sleep.

That was the resolution last year, too.

And the year before that… and I’m not sure how many years I’ve had this particular one

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New resolution: no more singing, humming to any tune, in public. By myself in my car, I can go nuts. But no more in front of other people.
Catalyst: I was drunk-singing Brand New Key (by Melanie) during the Board game “Mind The Gap,” a trivia game across four different generations. I won, of course, but eventually. This one took a few hours. There is a space with a roller skate, so it triggered me. But, for some reason, no one else liked my rendition. Therefore, my vow.

Update: I’ve had some fits & starts and am down about 5 pounds… 3.5 months into the year. Not where I wanted to be, but moving in the right direction at least.

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the most important thing is to keep starting again. You can do it! I believe in you.

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Actuarially speaking, you’ve got to trend that out. That’s ~13lb per year at the current run rate, and losing 13lb in a year is nothing to sneeze at.

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Part of the problem is that I haven’t been exercising and I need to. Got a 2 mile walk in this morning though, so that’s something.