2023 Fantasy Football

And, it starts…

Two players who had 38 points last week, had 8 today.
RB that was playing against SF, expected to have 9 points, had 22.

Good news: I have Kyren Williams (of course he was my bench this week), while Cam Akers gets shopped. Wonder if any other owner would like him for a draft swap next year?

If you have more starters than you can start, seeking trade partners is always a good idea. I’d trade for him in one league for the right deal, probably not in the other. Akers, Dobbins, and Taylor drafters would be my first approach depending on their other picks

Ooh, maybe Chubb too. Ugly.

Bad beat of the week.
Second highest score in the league and getting the L

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I think I’m going to put in a waiver claim for Jerome Ford, dropping Jamaal Williams. If Williams is hurt for a couple weeks, that’s a big dent in his value with Kamara coming back before long.

CLE may sign one of the veteran FA to bolster their RB room, but it looks like Ford could be the guy for now.

I had the second lowest score of the week in my league and got the W.
Relying on 3 Jaguar players didn’t turn out too well.

My bad beat was not as bad as my buddy, who lost by 1.96 AND lost Chubb for the season (the 12th overall pick in our 10-team league).

Trying to figure out which 3 of these to start (1 has to be RB, the other 2 are flex)

D Swift, J Addison, J Conner, J Gibbs, Javonte Williams. Currently leaning Swift, Addison, and Gibbs, but worried about Swift with out inconsistent the Eagles are with RB usage.

I want some opinions here…

I’m in a $300 league where each player gets a $100 free agent budget (FAB). You can go above $100 but any amount you go over results in money you owe at the end of the year that gets added to the pot. Additional FAB rules:

  • Blind bids on free agent with player going to highest bidder
  • $5 to drop a player
  • $25 fine for not playing a full roster (aka starting a player who is on a bye or starting an injured player)
  • $20 emergency add (picking up a player after the blind bidding process)

In the past, people have stayed under the FAB or gone over slightly, but this year someone’s strategy is to bid crazy amounts and get the best players. Last week it was $47 on Puka plus 2 emergency adds and this week it was $82 on Jerome Ford. The high bid from last week seems to be increasing bids from other people this week (zach moss went for $56).

The fact that someone is trying to win the league through flexing their credit card seems really anti-fun and makes me not want to do the league again next year. It isn’t against the rules though, so they technically aren’t doing anything wrong. Would this piss any of you off or am I just being a baby?

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Sounds like a shit league, and I’d drop when I first read $300.
Wouldn’t hurt as much if the excess money went to the other owners and not the pot.
Would make people think differently about it all.

I dont love it but youn either change the rules or get out?

This guy is likely not employing an optimal strategy. Perhaps consider it a nice donation to other owners.

I agree. Roll with it and suggest rule changes after the season (if you like). Hopefully you know the managers and have certainty that the league will receive this extra money.

Let’s say this player winds up paying an additional $300 to the pool. Do you believe he has doubled his chances to win? Has he induced others to go nuts also? It seems like this league has morphed closer to a calcutta. The randomness of FF, especially the playoffs, leads me to believe it is not a positive EV approach. Sure, your (PS) chances of winning have decreased but your EV may have increased.

The number of teams also matters. 8-team league, it’s absolutely a bad strategy. 14-16 team league, it could work as the improvement in one’s lineup is significantly greater and the % dollar increase to the pool is lower.

$300 means it is a serious league, and is definitely not too high of a buy in. I’ve played in $50 - $1000 leagues. $50-100, whatever, it’s a fun league and I’ll research each week for waiver moves if I have time. $1000, I’m fully vested in the exact rules and I’m looking at possible trades all the time. I don’t have that kind of time (or interest) anymore.


Good feedback, and you guys are probably right about negative EV. The league is pretty cool in general and the scoring rules are different enough to change strategy from the vanilla $50 work league.

Not sure what papa means by “the pot.” I can guess that it is the winners’ pot, and the person employing this strategy is trying to be among the winners.
I would propose that these fees should be distributed amongst all owners, to make it less of an incentive.

Current rules are analogous to a re-buy in a poker tournament. According to the math, a better-than-average Tournament poker player should always rebuy, since they are more likely to share in the winning pot, while a less-than-average Tournament poker player should not rebuy, as they are less likely to share in the winning pot, and their rebuy is merely increasing the winning pot for others.

Agree with others. This seems in line with the rules and likely a negative EV strategy. Sit back and enjoy the extra EV you are picking up. Yes, it is an advantage to get the top free agents, but it is typically not going to change your Playoff% or Win% in a meaningful enough way to be worth spending an extra 1/3-1 buy in on.

I faced Mostert and Mahomes in one league. I’m probably going to lose, but I’m still in it. Need Mixon+AJ Brown+ Godwin to score less than 16.5

Second week in a row of getting second highest score and losing to highest score in the league.

He had Hill + Buffalo Defense
I had Allen + Lamar Jackson

He still has Josh Jacobs left.