2023 Fantasy Football

I drafted J. K. Dobbins.

I lost Fantasy Week 1.

J. K. Dobbins torn Achilles, out for season.

…right on schedule :grimacing: (every year I lose the first game, and someone gets injured right away, and usually several others do too by midseason)

I drafted Dobbins in one league as my RB2. I won this week though, which is a blessing and a curse as waiver priority resets weekly in this league based on W/L record. It’s a 12 team league with deep benches, so the only RB available likely to get meaningful touches is Justice Hill and I probably have no shot at my waiver claim.

My RB2 will be a committee of Allgeier, Perine, and Roschon Johnson. Maybe I get lucky and one of the latter 2 wins the job outright.

OK, so I’m in a FF league, got the first pick, etc.
Pre-season, the ESPN chart on the “League Home” tab showed me ranked 12/12. There is no explanation how the chart is made, so I’m wondering, of course, how the chart is made.
Fast-forward to today, and now I’m #4. After one week. So, I’m guessing whatever it used to determine, say, the average or total points for the year, was crap in preseason.
Note: I left our live draft after my 15th round pick, and waited to pick up a kicker on waivers. When I picked up the kicker, my ranking didn’t change. I figure 8 or 9 points should have moved me a little, not knowing what the points range is among teams.

I have him, will be starting him this week.

I drafted Bijan and Allgeier, so I will likely be starting both. Was thinking of Allgeier as more of a handcuff/insurance option, but he should be getting enough touches to be useful for fantasy purposes now. I think there’s some risk of his role being cut back as the season goes on if Bijan is everything advertised

Allgeier got 21 points on my bench last week. I’ll probably be starting him all the wrong weeks.


I decided we could use a 2023 fantasy football thread, so I carved a few posts out of the NFL thread

I approve. Can’t stand being “that guy”.

In my 12 team league with deep benches, I decided to take 3 riskier QB’s: Tua, Richardson, and Cousins. I was thinking Tua is a stud if healthy but is at serious risk of concussion, Cousins is a relatively reliable guy as backup, and Richardson is a lottery ticket (physical tools to be great but at high risk of bust based on actual production). This is a start 1QB league.

Now that I lost Dobbins for the year, I was thinking I should see if I can trade a QB for a RB. Not a chance in this league that anyone trades an RB1 for any of these QB’s. RB2 is probably a stretch too, but maybe I can pry an RB3 loose.

The first guy I’m looking at as a possible trade partner had Rodgers as starter and Love as backup. He’s got Najee, Montgomery, Warren, Kamara at RB. If you were this guy, would you accept any of my QB for any of your RB in trade?

Relevant info: best available waiver wire QB is probably Purdy who may get claimed tonight. Best others available: Howell, Stroud, Mac Jones, Jimmy G, Mayfield.

lots of churn in the rosters this week.

the QB heavy league i have (super flex) had only 3 Qbs not picked in the auction still on the FA wire. Now 4 with Z wilson. he will remain on the wire.

trying to pick up some guys I thought did well week 1 and getting rid of guys where the situation looked terrible. Pit QB looked awful and so the WRs lose value IMO. the WRs in LAR got a ton of targets and as long as Kupp is out, they will continue to get them. I went 2-1 across 3 leagues and the one i lost i really liked the team construction the most (and it scored the lowest in the league week 1).

Um, three is too many.
Get yourself some help.

I have Dobbins in both leagues.

I had a >90% chance to win (according to Fantasy Pros) heading into SNF in both matchups. Was playing the Cowboys Defense in both leagues. Lost both by almost 20 points. In one league had the second highest score.

Was feeling so good after the 4:00 games. On a high. Starting 1-0 in both leagues! I’d say that was a rough week 1.

agree. 3 different groups of guys. without the league, I’d see/hear from many of them a lot less. all low money but enough to be excited to win. but nearly every week the guy you need in League A to win will cost you in League C.

it was 4 for a couple of years and that was just awful. couldn’t keep straight who i cared about so I was like a n index mutual fund investor, cheering for points everywhere.

almost had one end this year, but I don’t want to be first to pull the plug anywhere.

I’m in 2 fantasy football leagues, and that’s as much as I want. I only do one fantasy baseball league.

I’ve got a normal league and a giant 18-man guillotine league. The different setups help. Guillotine leagues are a fun new concept I really enjoy.

the 3rd league almost folded (one guy dropped out…but like Lazerus, came back). when it was 9 teams, I was going to drop if it stayed weekly h2h w 9 teams but was interested in a guillotine league where we all drafted 2 teams.

Have done 1-4 over the years and found that 2 is the perfect number. Anything more and it becomes a mess. Constant conflicts, you don’t know what to cheer for. Can’t keep it straight. And only 1 league, too much is riding on one result.

I say no to 1-3 league invites a year because I won’t go over 2.

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12 team hometown league dropped down to 10 teams this year.
We added a superflex to the starting l lineup compensate. Still 1PPR.
And so far it is completely crazy.
Teams are constructed completely different. It definitely shook things up.

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Vikings helped me and killed me last night.

Started Hockenson in one league and my opponent started Mattison, which greatly boosted my chances to win. However, I left Cousins on the bench (starting Tua).

In my other league, a Cousins/Jefferson stack by my opponent may have done me in. Long odds now.

I had Stout and AJ Brown on the Eagles. Stout was pretty stout. Brown, not so much.