2023 Exam 9 Progress Thread

The official thread of the 2023 CAS Exam 9

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Which manual/study guides are you using?

Great to see this started!

I passed 8 already so in theory I have no reason not to start studying.

For now I’m going to continue with what I’ve been using , Risning Fellow and TIA. I’ll reevaluate closer to the exam date.

Reposting here about a potential study group. Pm me if interested.

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I still have Exam 8 but for Exam 9, I am thinking of TIA, RF cookbook/problem pack and Crystal Clear.

First go around I used CF/RF - great source and felt prepared, but ended up with a 5. Will likely supplement with CC for the next sitting.

Last exam! Getting an early start hoping I can get it done the first time around and not be stuck waiting a whole other year.

Any one know of a public resource/anyone who’s made a past study schedule for Exam 9 that they are able and willing to share? I think TIA has one but I think I’m just using RF and Crystal Clear. Just trying to plan out how much time to spend on each section otherwise I’ll end up leaving it all to the end… Guess I can just try figuring it out from the syllabus weights as well.

Hello everyone! Looking to start early with CF/RF. Will supplement with CC.

I’ll probably start with Attempt 2 either in December or January.
Likely RF/CF supplementing with CC.


Does anyone know when the 2023 syllabus is published?

The CAS posted a change memo for Spring 2023 exams. Short answer is no real changes for Exam 9 from last year. Below is the link:


I just got back from Exam 8. Not sure if I passed but I will be starting this soon.
For this exam, generally, people prefer CC + CF?

I was thinking about CF/RF combo but that’s like $1500, I would love to also supplement this with CC but not sure if my company will find that cost reasonable.

For those that are using TIA, have past lesson exercises and CAS exams been converted into Excel?

Anyone here have a link to the study kit? I’ve always had a hard time finding it on the CAS store.

Planning on using CFRF and CCE for 9
When are yall gonna start studying?

I’m thinking of casually reading for now but get a full start in middle of November.
Did you order the materials already?

I used CF/RF seminar to learn the material, and CC to supplement practice problems and exams. If your company will only pay for one, I’d say do CC out of pocket. I think it’s around $300 or so, and it’s definitely worth the cost.


Thank you. Your advice is always appreciated. :+1:

Do you guys think the exam window will be a week earlier this year since the Spring meeting was announced as 5/7-5/10?

I second this comment. I went out of pocket for CC like a week before the exam for the extra practice exams. Given the extremely high opportunity cost of failing these exams I figured it was worth a couple hundred dollars if it increased my chances of passing by a couple of percentage points. I think it did.

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