2023 Exam 9 Progress Thread

Going to start studying this week.
I’m going with TIA + CC + RF.

Let’s get this studying rolling!

For people who have used TIA, how are its questions, and what are its strengths?

Having failed a couple times now, I feel like where I need to get some practice is with problems where you have to approach it from an unusual direction. e.g. a question where you are given the difference in expected return for two optimal portfolios and you have to back into what the difference in risk aversion must be.

RF is great for getting practice with straightforward applications of concepts, but doesn’t give a lot in the way of twists. CC has lots of twists, but IMO they tend to the “theoretical will never be on an exam” variety. Casual Fellow doesn’t do practice problems from what I understand, relying on RF to fill that gap.

For those that took this exam before, which section(s) are the hardest you would say?
It’s so odd learning about “optimal portfolio” right off the bat. Seems so irrelevant for actuarial work.

Insurance companies are some of the largest institutional investors in the US. Seems reasonable for Actuaries to need to understand the investment risks

So far, just a few chapters into BKM, this gives me so much Exam 6 vibe.

Maybe mostly because I’m using TIA lol but I feel like it’s so theory based.

Anyone here use Anki flashcards and is willing to share?