2023-24 NHL Hockey Thread

OK, congrats to first-timers Vegas Golden Knights.
Miami is having a hard time this week, sports-wise. Teams get to the finals, fans all worked up, and then this.

OK, on to 23-24!
Cup gets a summer vacation everywhere, which I don’t think happens in other sports, anywhere.

So how many points the Bedard Blackhawks gonna break the Bruins record by?

2024 Cup odds by FanDuel today:

Team Odds
Colorado Avalanche +800
Toronto Maple Leafs +1100
Edmonton Oilers +1100
New Jersey Devils +1300
Boston Bruins +1300
Vegas Golden Knight +1300
Carolina Hurricanes +1300
Tampa Bay Lightning +1300
New York Rangers +1500
Dallas Stars +1700
Florida Panthers +2000
Los Angeles Kings +2000

Henri Richard news.

Still awaiting a Too Early Power ranking from ESPN. Someone must be on vacation or something.

Toronto sports czar Larry Tanenbaum has sold a stake in his Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment company that values his company at $8 billion. He has made a fortune on his long-standing investments in professional Toronto sports teams but still not successful in getting the big prize: an EPL team.

Former King and Stanley Cup Champion Bernier retires.

We are a month away from the season starting. Can’t believe we are so close! I think the Oilers and Canes are the favorites in each conference.

The Mike Babcock era in Columbus: among the most successful ever in franchise history, or the most successful ever in franchise history?

Never lost a game.

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My Predictions:

Atlantic Metro Central Pacific
Panthers Devils Stars Oilers
Maple Leafs Hurricanes Avalanche Golden Knights
Senators Penguins Wild Flames
Bruins Rangers Jets Kraken
Sabres Blue Jackets Coyotes Kings
Lightning Islanders Predators Canucks
Red Wings Flyers Blues Ducks
Canadiens Capitals Blackhawks Sharks

Lot of weird stuff going on.
I only got 10/16 correct last year for my top 4’s. So any improvement on that will be nice
My guess is the final playoff spots will be Sabres vs Rangers in a tight race and Kings vs Jets. Edge to Rangers and Kings but who knows.

Penguins begin their season where last ended… inexplicably losing to the Blackhawks at home.

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'Hawks gonna win it all!

I have liked the Hawks since the time local boy Bobby Hull played there but I expect they will come down to earth when they play the big bad Bruins today. Hope I am wrong but Connor Bedard may have trouble extending his points streak to two games today.

I’ve already watched almost as many full Blackhawks games this year as I have in the last 2-3 years. NHL was very smart to rig the draft!


Man I’m missing me some LA Kings NHL Hockey. Cut the cord, but that means cutting the local bankrupt channel, and YouTubeTV can’t seem to care.
Watched the first game on TNT, but that was a shitshow. Now, two giant wins in a row and BOS coming to town. And not seeing that game, either. Might have to hit up some cabled friends. Or go to my buddy’s bar about 30 miles away. And apparently ESPN+ would know where I live, if I bought that package.

Slowly getting there.
LA Kings wear green warmup jerseys near St Patrick’s Day. I wonder if those are banned under the no-special-warm-up-jersey rule still in effect.

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From what I’ve read, yes. They got rid of players wearing any sort of promotional jerseys in warmups. Arenas can still do promotion nights and sell themed jerseys, but the players don’t wear them anymore.

Shane Pinto of Ottawa (unsigned RFA) suspended 41 games for gambling-related activities. He did not bet on NHL games, per the league.

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I find this a bit problematic given how many former hockey greats (I’m looking at you Wayne Gretzky) are promoting sports betting and Pinto’s team has a betting company sponsor and their emblem is on the Senators’ helmets.

If Pinto had bet on NHL games he was playing in than I could see a conflict of interest and he should be disciplined. But just betting on other sports? Gimme a break.