2023-24 NCAA Women's Basketball Discussion

Someone had one job, and …

Actually, the women have super regionals, meaning they have 2 regionals at each of 2 sites. So in Portland they had 2 games Friday, 2 games Saturday, 1 game Sunday and 1 game Monday.

The error was discovered, by a fan, just before the Sunday game so they had already played 4 games on the incorrectly marked court. The coaches didn’t want to delay their game for an hour or so for them to fix it so they went ahead and played the Sunday game on the incorrect court as well. So 5 games (4 sweet sixteen games and 1 elite eight game) were played on a court where the 3 point line on one end was shorter than it should have been.

They then fixed the court for the Monday evening game. And seeing how they fixed it the side line 3pt lines were correct but from the point where the line began to arch toward the middle it became shorter and shorter until at the middle of the court it was at the old women’s distance rather than the current women’s distance.

Couldn’t find a better picture that showed the entire court or half court, but you can see from the picture below that the distance between the old line and the new line gets bigger as it goes toward the center of the court.


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That is a good weekend of basketball! Portland and Albany, though…

Yeah, last year it was Seattle, WA and Greensboro, NC. Some of the Midwest people (and teams) are really starting to complain.

Next year 2025, the sites are Birmingham, AL and Spokane, WA. In 2026 the sites are Fort Worth, TX and Sacramento, CA.

I’m guessing starting in 2027 they go to 4 sites like the Men.

Big hub in the middle of the country seems prudent for so many teams from you can’t know where when the sites are chosen. Fort Worth seems good. Spokane seems like a bad idea. Hard to get to without a charter.
Large cities with decent airports in the middle of the country:
San Antonio
Memphis (FedEx the teams in!)

Can’t find the graphic or listing at the moment but the Iowa v LSU game had a higher viewership than every regular season CF game except MI v tOSU and it out did a bunch of other events over the last few years.

Here is what I saw in a Yahoo article:

On the heels of sky-high viewership for the Sweet 16, the Elite Eight sustained that momentum with record performance as well. The Elite Eight averaged 6.2M viewers across all games, making it the most-watched on record, up an impressive 184% year-over-year.South Carolina-Oregon State and NC State-Texas rounded out the Top 4 games with 3.1M viewers and 2.5M viewers, respectively.

The Iowa/LSU game drew 12.3M viewers.

And the resale ticket prices for the women’s semi-finals are higher than for the men’s. Although the venue is smaller, that relative pricing is quite an anomaly in sports.

Add in the fact that it’s in Cleveland (vs Sunny AZ), and it’s even more unusual.

Way easier to get to Cleveland than AZ, for most of the country.

Also, pretty sure the game is played indoors either way.

There is a day in between of idleness.

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I could spend a day in the Rock and Roll HOF. It would be a second day that would be a challenge.

On the second day you go through the rock and roll hall of fame backwards to find hidden messages.


The Cleveland scene from one of my favorite movies

There is a zoo and a couple other museums that are ok. I lived there for a few years and thought of it pretty much as Chicago with shorter commutes and food that was more bland.

The difference in seating is 70K to 20K. And because Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse was built for basketball, most of those seats are probably going to be a lot better than State Farm Stadium.

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And isn’t Cleveland in the path of totality?

Synchronize your walking to The Wizard of Oz.

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That is Monday, and the WFF is Friday and Sunday, yes? Nice bonus, assuming good weather, though it is April.

Good point, but totality only lasts a few minutes and then what do you do for the rest of Monday?

Shaq is watching the women’s tournament instead of the men’s.


Are they on at the same time??? I don’t get this whole “instead of” thing that’s going around. Do you have to choose one or the other?

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