2023-24 NCAA Women's Basketball Discussion

As of Monday afternoon the brother of an LSU player was still in jail charged with assault after jumping over the scorer’s table onto the court during the fight that broke out toward the end of the USCvsLSU SEC Championship game. That was pretty crazy.

Cool story

“I take full responsibility for my actions…” unless it involves me missing game time in which case I’ll appeal appeal appeal like a former president.

A dream I have is to never hear “that’s not who I am” again.


That’s a funny dream…

Not sure where people suddenly got the idea that sports floors and fields are public spaces where anyone can go on at any time. “Oh, it’s my sister!” is not an excuse. That’s shitty parenting, not teaching to respect societal boundaries.

Dawn Staley: “For us playing a part in that, that’s not who we are. That’s not what we’re about.”

Kim Mulkey: "It’s ugly, it’s not good, no one wants to be a part of that. “But I’ll tell you this, I wish [Cardoso] would’ve pushed Angel Reese. If you’re 6-8, don’t push somebody that little. That was uncalled for in my opinion. Let those two girls who were jawing, let them go at it.”

[Reese was tagged for an intentional foul earlier in the game for yanking Cardoso by the hair.]

Pretty much ever since Meta World “Peace” broke the 4th wall

Totally baffled by her press comments.

Five Thirty Eight no longer does sports, so there’s no easy way to look up favorites for each game (which doesn’t always follow seedings). Now I’m gonna have to guess. I feel naked.

Potential Elite Eight matchup: Iowa vs. LSU. That might be “must watch” TV just to see if the officials allow LSU’s antics again.

Watching LSU vs. UCLA, and I see Kim Mulkey [still] has free reign to coach with both feet inbounds on the half of the court where UCLA is shooting.

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And that outfit! Girl, please.
Just sayin’, I’d haul her into my office and tell her, “It’s not a good look.”

Can UCLA simply throw the ball at her and get a technical out of it?

I seem to be put off of sports in which the coach’s role is overemphasized during the games. Fuhbaw, basketball, baseball, …

she is doing her part for equity in womens baseketball by showing that women’s (and women) coaches can be just as awful and out of touch people as in the mens game.


Until women start committing violent crimes at the same rate as men, we will never have true equality.

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Baylor sets a high (low) bar.

Also, when women’s coaches bounce from school to school on a path of ever-lower academic standards to allow the coach’s “system” to thrive.

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Baylor sets a low bar for athletic integrity in general. But, they didn’t have an assistant coach sexually abusing kids so the NCAA wouldn’t do anything about it.

Some fan noticed that the 3 point lines in Portland for the Women’s regional weren’t the same. This was after 4 games had already been played on the court. The coaches decided not to wait the 15-30 minutes it would take to put tape down to fix the wrong line and played their game on it. I did record the games from yesterday so I might look at it.

I’m surprised it wasn’t noticed before. Not a huge deal, but kinda obvious that the distance between the circle around the foul line to the 3 point line is different between ends. Though maybe on the court the difference isn’t as noticeable?

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Question now is: are they going to change it for the Region 3 Final? They’ve had two days.

They did.