2023-24 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Discussion

OK, congrats to UConn.
And of course, they are at the top of the too-early poll, even with one-and-done and transfer portals, because this is the lamest and laziest sports thing these days.
“We got to put it out, everyone is expecting it! Yeah, who cares that we have no idea about next year now. Just chalk it.”

So, who’s going where?

Oh, fun fact: tried to look at last year’s “WTE” article (click on the OP in the other thread) , and it redirects to this year’s. They did have Arkansaw at the top, that’s all I can gather. That’s pretty cowardly.

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OK, first up: Bronny wastes a year at college.

NCAA schedule not out yet. Maybe LeBron asks both schedulers to coordinate the games so LAL play Portland, Golden State, Phoenix, Denver, and Utah when Bronny is in those towns.
Only one year, after all.

I wonder why they bother with college at all. So many non-basketball activities: going to uni classes, whoring one’s name, image, and/or likeness for money, …

Here’s another balla wasting a year of not getting paid (but will probably get paid by someone somehow).

Why anyone’s coming to UNC after last year still eludes me a bit…but, ok!

Illinois will welcome back Terrance Shannon and Coleman Hawkins, who both have dropped out of the NBA draft. I personally believe that will vault Illinois from the nether regions of the Big 10 up to the bottom of the top 25 pre-season national rankings

I hate them too, but it IS North {fricking} Carolina

lol. Other direction…I’m an alum.

I was at the 2005 NCAA championship game when Illinois stormed back to tie the game at 70 all, but then didn’t score again, losing 75-70. Sean May was running over people in the lane and Illinois center James Augustine fouled out with 5 ticky tack fouls in about 8 minutes of game time.

Then afterward, Raymond Felton, laughed off his years in Chapel Hill, admitting he got paid, he never went too class, and others were paid to do their homework and take their tests.

Non-foul calls will forever exist. May was also just enormous, and people bounced off him his entire career. His skill set largely depended on that very trait. He was Shaq, but not nearly as athletic…or good.

Very certain you mean Rashad McCants and not Felton here. He had an agenda with those claims, which I don’t have the insight to prove, but is what I hear, so I’ll leave it at that. Felton’s nephew did get expelled in the 2018 season for sexual assault though, so…there’s that.

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I have to start to question Brad Underwood’s tenure at Illinois.

While he has acquired some talent through the transfer portal, he has driven off a lot more talented players.

To wit: In the 2021-2022 season, Brandin Podzeimski got virtually no playing time. He was a distant 12th on the team in minutes, chalking up 66 on the whole season, and a lot of that came in scrub time against pre-season sacrificial lamb type games. By the time the Big 10 season was rolling, his stat lines were mostly DNP-CD’s.

So Brandin decided to transfer to Santa Clara. Ten months later, he became the reigning WCC player of the year and the 19th pick in the NBA draft. How could Underwood not see this talent, and use him as a glorified towel boy?

From ESPN: The National Labor Relations Board ruled Monday that Dartmouth men’s basketball players, who had petitioned to be recognized by a local union, are employees of the school, a ruling that could allow NCAA athletes to unionize and negotiate work conditions, among other aspects of their employment.

Also from ESPN, the bottom of Ivy League standings:

Dartmouth: 5-14 (1-5 in Conference)

So now that they are employees, the school can just fire them for cause, right?