2023-24 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Discussion

OK, congrats to UConn.
And of course, they are at the top of the too-early poll, even with one-and-done and transfer portals, because this is the lamest and laziest sports thing these days.
“We got to put it out, everyone is expecting it! Yeah, who cares that we have no idea about next year now. Just chalk it.”

So, who’s going where?

Oh, fun fact: tried to look at last year’s “WTE” article (click on the OP in the other thread) , and it redirects to this year’s. They did have Arkansaw at the top, that’s all I can gather. That’s pretty cowardly.

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OK, first up: Bronny wastes a year at college.

NCAA schedule not out yet. Maybe LeBron asks both schedulers to coordinate the games so LAL play Portland, Golden State, Phoenix, Denver, and Utah when Bronny is in those towns.
Only one year, after all.