2022 NFL Football Thread

Granted a chain of laterals is super-risky, but wasn’t his completed and the second one the one that blew up?

Another crazy ending yesterday, Jax over Dallas.

Atl vs no was a heartbreaker (for atl of course)

Berween those and fifa plenty of last minute excitement.

plus KC / Hou; NYJ / Det; plus the early & late on Saturday

Both of them are at fault imo. The plan was to run out the clock and go to overtime. After the first lateral I guess the other guy got caught up in the excitement, but he should have known to lay down at that point as well.

A series of laterals when you need to score or lose is understandable. Throwing the ball backwards 20 yards and half way across the field to your QB who isn’t expecting it when you’re going to OT, not so much.


ATL started a rookie QB on the road, so they should have expected their hearts to be broken. Obviously they had no future with Yoda at QB so might as well give The Riddler a few weeks to show what he can do.

This was a rematch of the Tuck Rule game, right?

Perhaps karma is equitable now. Raiders got a gift to offset the tuck rule play.

As long as it sparks a Raiders dynasty…

Justin Tuck sacked Tom Brady twice during Super Bowl 46. Tuck ruled in that game.


Speaking of Tom Brady… heard an interesting stat Sunday: apparently in games where he was ahead by 17 or more points he was 89-0… until Sunday when the Bengals came back from a 0-17 deficit to win 34-23.

(I think it was 89-0… it was 8X-0… possible I’m remembering the X wrong.)

Since my Seahawks have been floundering, I now have pinned my hopes on the team of my youth: go Bengals!!!

London has to feel awful after failing to protect the ball with both arms. Hard to make that “ball control” vs “yards after contact” mental switch.

Christmas comes early, and late, as there are nine NFL Football games on TV (or Amazon or NFLN) this week. It’s like Thanksgiving all over again, but one better!

Also, tickets seem pretty cheap this week, except for home MIA v GB

The NFL referees will be on full display

This is an old article that was linked to an SB Nation I had read - crazy stuff


The NFL was on full display this weekend. Numerous national games that flat out sucked, and cannot all be blamed on the weather.

I’ll only speak to the MIA/GB game, which was actually quite exciting. MIA was in control of the game 20-10 at the 2:00 warning of the first half. A fumble by MIA gave the ball back to GB who kicked a FG to end the half. MIA would not score again, as Tua had 3 very bad interceptions in the 2nd half. These were really bad. Additionally, I noticed that MIA was breaking the huddle every time with under 10 seconds left on the play clock. I was extremely critical (in my living room) of the MIA coaches for not getting the plays in fast enough. But it was all likely related to Tua getting another concussion right before the 2:00 warning of the 1st half. It was as if I watched 2 different games Saturday night. How this concussion was missed is going to go badly for the NFL. MIA may have to “fire” another doctor…

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JJ Watt just announced that his son’s first game watching dad play was JJ’s last home game. He is going to retire after this season.

I think I have this right. TEN and JAX are both 7-8. Their games this week are meaningless to them, aside from a scenario where they tie in Week 18.

They play each other in Week 18. JAX won the 1st meeting. The next tiebreak is division record where TEN = 3-2 and JAX = 2-2. If JAX wins in Week 18, they win the division due to sweeping TEN. If TEN wins in Week 18, they win the division from their better division record.

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More about turf vs grass, Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, home of the Carolina Panthers (because it is not all that obvious):

“I thought the field conditions were below NFL-level standard,” Lions quarterback Jared Goff said after the game. "Specifically pregame. I know it warmed up a little as the game went on.

“I don’t know what the deal is here, but they need to figure out a way to make the turf not feel like cement.”

Panthers owner David Tepper installed field turf before the 2021 season in anticipation of more games with the arrival of his professional soccer team that shares the stadium with the Panthers. He also wanted to make it a multiuse facility that could host concerts.

Several Carolina players have complained about the surface, most notably linebacker Shaq Thompson.

Several players have suggested the turf was responsible for injuries.

"It’s probably going to take all of us to stop going to practice until we get grass,‘’ Thompson said. "I mean, they make enough money off of us to maintain grass. I hate to say this, but with our last owner [Jerry Richardson], we had grass. … Listen to your players. We want grass.‘’

Again, LA Coliseum and the Rose Bowl have hosted numerous concerts, and both have grass fields. Oh, and make sure your new soccer team has more injuries.

I think if it’s important enough, players should simply choose not to play for teams that don’t play on grass. But, it’s not that important, cuz no Plan B.

Commanders losing mean that we’ll have to wait for future seasons to see a division with all four teams having a winning record.

We may have just had a Bills player (Damar Hamlin) die on the field tonight.

So fucked up