2022 NFL Football Thread

I would still say throwing a punch off the field, not in the heat of battle is worse


Not to mention that he apparently went out of his way to confront the opposing player.

And Hart was a member of the Titans at the start of last season.

Clearly the move was pre-meditated. So I’m extremely disappointed that the current consequence is only one game.

The NFL should follow the NHL’s lead and let players handle it on the field – Both players’ helmets must come off, once a player hits the turf it’s over, offsetting unsportsmanlike penalties and all involved players have to sit out the rest of that series subject to a minimum number of plays. What could go wrong?


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All I know is that if I engage in a pre-meditated attack like was done by Hart, I’d not only most likely lose my job but also will be looking at criminal charges.

A one-game suspension is a slap-on-the-hand for a pre-meditated attack.

That’s part of my, like, 95% tongue in cheek argument. If players were allowed to fight it out during the game, maybe this dude wouldn’t have been a big jerk and gone after that guy/coach. They’d need an octagon/fighting square on the sideline for reserve players though. Same rules still apply.

16 out of 31 players are already eliminated in my survivor pool. Need a Jagoffs win to knock out another 6. Also have a couple whose picks haven’t played yet: one on LAR, one on NYG (wtf)

Check out the double elmination reverse suicide game here. 23 players and at least 10 are out already with 6, including me, on JAX to lose and 1 on GB to lose. (Of the 7 players on the late afternoon games, 5 already have a strike including the one on GB, so we are looking at 10, 11, 14, or 15 out of 23 players gone in the first 3 weeks.) It’s madness!

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the lions manage to lose games in such heroic/nail biter ways sometimes.

they play like there are bonus points awarded in the standings for losing in exactly the way they manage to do it - but seem to be the only team aware of this “bonus.”

they are very good at this unique style/premise of play

The Falcons say hold my beer

good point! they have rings to prove it

we entered week 3 with…8/25 alive still. 5 are on the chargers. one picked the bills. so I think the bengals and vikings survive. amazing that it could have been all over but for the lions being the lions.

I took MIN

Falcons @Seahawks is having an odd delay: an unauthorized drone is over the stadium. Officials ordered players off the field.


And JAX and GB both won. Of the 18 players who survived to week 3, 16 got strikes.

There are only 8 players of 23 who survive to Week 4.

I try to never take the most popular pick in survivor money pools. I’ll trade a slightly reduced chance of surviving the week in exchange for better odds of winning the whole thing. This week was an incredibly lucky example of that for me, as all 3 of the most popular picks lost. My pick MIN could have easily lost too, but only 2 of us were on that so it wasn’t a pool clearing event like the other 3.

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In week 4, the NY Giants will easily cover the 2.5pt spread over the hapless Bears. I don’t ever bet on football (beyond my low rent fantasy league) but if I did, this is easy money.

Anyone else’s ABC affiliate showing all of the MNF games?

For some reason the NYG-DAL game was on the other night. Thought only local teams are broadcast on MNF, TNF, whenever else Amazon has game rights, etc.

IIRC, airing rights for MNF is “owned” by ESPN, of which ABC is the parent company.

TNF airing rights have been the NFL Network, but was assumed by Prime Video for 2022 through 2023 (excluding the opening game of the season; see TNF link below).

In either case, NBC will sometimes simulcast TNF or ABC will simulcast MNF as a way to “generate interest” for the subscription service.

The official scoring of the “blocked” punt in the Buf/Mia game has been changed to a minus 1-yard punt, and no block is being credited to the Buf defense.