2022 FIFA World Cup Discussion Thread

Beat Iran.

Win or go home.

Agree with Alexi, Zimmerman has been very disappointing this tournament. Too many turnovers and sloppy play.

I want to see Gio start.

Expected goals were 0.93 vs 0.48 in favor of the US this game. England shut it down the final 12 minutes to guarantee a draw which guarantees them advancing pretty much.

Reyna on as 10 or move to wing and drop Pulic to 10? Or, Reyna as false 9. Agree Gio has to get on earlier since we don’t score and Sargent is no threat. We either go with Ferreira or Aronson to drive pressure. Aronson has the motor to run. Worried Pulisic might be a little gassed.

Adams is such a significant trade up from Bradley. He is not overmatched. England is tough. They went for it with lineup. Harry played one of his better games.

Wales and Iran are still mathematically alive so the last pair of games should be fun to watch.

They’re all mathematically alive, and all can possibly be eliminated.

  1. ENG win: they win the group.
    a) USA win: they’re in; OR
    b) USA and Iran draw: USA in; OR
    c) USA lose: Iran in.
  2. ENG draw, AND
    a) USA win: they’re both in; OR
    b) USA and Iran draw: Iran in; OR
    c) USA lose: Iran in.
  3. ENG lose, AND
    a) USA win: USA win the Group; ENG in if lose by less than 4; WAL in if win by more than 3;
    b) USA draw: 3-way tie for 1st, ENG and WAL in;
    c) USA lose: Iran wins Group; ENG in if lose by less than 4; WAL in if win by more than 3;

Shorter story:
ENG win and they’re in.
USA win and they’re in; else out.
Iran win and they’re in; or draw plus ENG draw or win, they’re in; else out.
Wales win and USA-Iran draw, they’re in.

Yes, it should be an interesting final day for the Group.

Iran will advance with a draw unless Wales beats England in which case Iran will lose GD unless Wales wins by 6 goals.

England 4 +2
IRAN 3 -2
USA 2 +0
Wales 1 -2

Australia, with an ordinary squad, have a conceivable path to the final 8. If they draw with Denmark and Poland draw with Argentina (plus Saudi Arabia doesn’t beat Mexico and Tunisia doesn’t beat France), they may have a decent shot against Poland in the last 16.

In other words, it’s telling me there’s a chance.

And Costa Rica beat Japan! Germany-Spain game should be interesting.

I’m sure everyone had the Ticos with the first win for CONCACAF at this World Cup

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Just hoping that Canada gets the second win today for CONCACAF

And down goes Belgium. The upsets continue.

Group F got very interesting with that upset


Not sure how serious or how much merit there is here but Iran trying to get the US kicked out of the tournament according to this tweet.

Belgium continues to disappoint. They could easily have been 0-2 at this stage. Two goal margin of defeat could be their undoing.

Not a bad start for Canada

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And by not bad,I mean, freaking best possible

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First goal ever for Canada at a WC and it was a beauty by Fonzie.


Croatia showing why they were finalists in the last WC.