2022 FIFA World Cup Discussion Thread

Hope he continues to play like that for Spurs when EPL resumes.

Brazil is so much fun to watch

Surprised by the Wales - Iran result. It would have been better for the US to end in a tie.

Makes me wonder how good England is though. It will be an interesting game today, hopefully.

While the best result for the US would have been a scoreless tie, the second best result was a multi-goal W by Iran. I’ll take it.

I’ve seen at a couple of places signs that say something like “Come watch USA vs. Whales with us.” My guess the bar owner is learning for the very first time Wales is it’s own country.

So a realistic path to the top of the group is a 1 goal loss to England, a rout of Iran and hoping Wales keeps it close?

Feeling a bit like Captain Ahab

If 41st ranked Canada can outplay #2 Belgium than the USA can beat England. And there have been other upsets to encourage USA. Looking forward to an exciting match today.

Will be interesting to see how much the US rotates the squad, particularly for the 4 guys sitting on a yellow. You want a strong squad today, but you also don’t want key players missing the Iran match due to yc accumulation.

One thing for sure: play Reyna!

I wonder about that. The US have to pick up a win in one of the next two matches to advance. While it would be cool to beat England…that seems unlikely. I wonder if it might be wise to give the better players a rest today in the hopes of fielding a stronger side against Iran.

I’d rest McKennie. He wasn’t completely fit coming in, didn’t look his normal self vs Wales, and has a yellow.

Dest may also have some fitness issues and has a yellow, but they may need him for at least 60 minutes. I think they probably need Ream in there for defense despite the yellow.

I would love a US win just because an ENG v WAL match with a knockout spot on the line would be epic. Might tear the UK apart.

That OK, I can excuse from a bar owner. Unlike our former President calling Charles the Prince of Whales in a tweet.

Definitely a chance, but I would not bet on it.

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Gio not starting


Also leaving in the 3 starters sitting on a yellow

Enjoying this game so far. Wide open p!ay, and good chances for both sides

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Even first half. England have a lot of super subs

The defending by both teams has been excellent. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ends in a scoreless tie which would not be a bad result for either team.

England have still never defeated the US in the World Cup.

That’s not the outcome I expected.