2022 Elections that matter

I worry about the indifference of voters in this year’s elections. Democrats and Independents that don’t come out to vote and Republicans that just vote party line without looking at what is going on inside the Republican party.

“The reasons why Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election failed is because there were state officials who refused to substantiate his claims of fraud,” said Franita Tolson, an election law expert at the University of Southern California. “These folks really are gatekeepers.”

In many cases, the races are setting up a deciding moment for Republican voters — just how far down the election denial rabbit hole are they willing to follow former President Donald Trump?

Yes, this is a huge problem for 2024 and the country. Michigan certified 2020 results under intense pressure and I think even tried to uncertify. Those officials are gone in a lot of places, some just tired of death threats, others because Trumpy candidates took their place. We are headed for a big time crises if Trump runs and the election is close.

I’m not sure we will be to the point where an entire election will be reversed, but I think a couple states could pull and replace their electors in 2024. Maybe without a pandemic they won’t have the made up reasons to do that and public support won’t hit 25% for any of it.

Trumps recent positive comments on vaccines makes me think he’s done thinking about 2024. Not that someone couldn’t take his playbook, but I don’t know if anyone else has the cult backing him to pull it off.

I wondered that too. Maybe he’s finally interested in saving lives rather than winning a popularity contest that he already won once. Maybe he’s rather enjoying retirement.

Well let’s hope not. I mean, they can probably pull off winning the primary, but hopefully not the general. If Trumpian politics lose two Presidential elections in a row then maybe the party strategy will shift. Maybe.

Pro vaccine or against vaccine doesn’t have meaning in the Trumpian style of politics. Facts truth and reality don’t matter. Lies and conspiracy are more powerful than truth in the minds of the targeted voter. Now that vaccines are unavoidably real, get measurable results, the previous position is literally killing the believers it is time to shift the message. Focus how horrible everything is because of Biden/dems/commies (even though it is the opposite).

Can you think of anything, at anytime that Donald Trump thought about anyone besides himself? The closest I can come is when he took a little heat by creating a negative news grabbing nothing to cover for Ivanka.

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Republican politics is Trumpian politics and it is winning at other levels than the presidential race. This is the problem, not Trump. The set of beliefs, offshoots (refinements?) of a conservative political agenda that lead directly to one party authoritarianism. Issues such as government power is bad (unless it is controlled by the Republicans), elections and fraud are a problem (unless a Republican wins), America first nationalism is better than globalism (but only the white fantasy version of America), etc.

Nope. If he’s interested in saving lives I’m sure it only has to do with burnishing his legacy.

ETA: Well, I’d be willing to believe that at some point in his life, maybe one of his kids or grandkids was ill and maybe he was genuinely sad that they were ill. Maybe even did something nice to cheer them up. But still, 99.9% narcissist.

I’m 99.9% certain Trump has NPD, in which case he literally doesn’t care about any lives other than his own. Even his own children only matter to him as a reflection on himself.

He has likely decided that the best way to make himself look good is to embrace operation warp speed as his legacy rather than continuing to take L’s on the 2020 election. Losing surely stung his ego, which is why he tried to fight the result as much as he could. He has probably just decided it’s better for him now to move on & pretend Nov - Jan didn’t happen.

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Funny, I live in a state with one party authoritarianism - well, one person authoritarianism, because he has no fears of the other branches doing anything to interfere, they’re all under single-party control - and that one party is not the Republicans.

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Yep. One party control is shit isn’t it?

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One party authoritarianism certainly is.

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Didn’t that backfire on a recent governor?

I’m not in the least big surprised he wants to tout his vaccine

I was quite surprised he didn’t give a press conference or a speech on January 6th. Makes me at least a little optimistic that he’s getting old.

As to the thread, I think it’s depressing af that every last half-decent Republican congressman is about to get ousted by the base.

Kind of one more reminder of why the primary system is bad.

Agree. I was reading in… The Economist, I think, about Liz Cheney’s upcoming primary.

They made the point that Wyoming Democrats could decide to save her by voting in the Republican primary. Democrats plus moderate Republicans and Liz Cheney fans should be enough to win the primary. And winning the primary should be sufficient to win the general in a state like Wyoming.

But if the Wyoming Democrats were planning to run a moderate candidate of their own to try to full-on take the seat, then she is toast.

And this is probably a losing strategy for the Dems because then a right-wing nut job will win the Republican primary and also the general. So they’d probably be best off saving Cheney.

Just saw a primary campaign ad for a local freedom caucus member close with “for Trump, for congress”.

I want to recall that in 18, Trump was a bit of a liability. In 20 I think maybe it could have gone either way. But now, being “for Trump” whatever that means is how you win in many places.

“For Trump, for the second amendment, for pro life” on the campaign website.

What about for Americans? Or for the citizens of your state?

Another ad ran as I’m typing this and the entire content was about his opponent being a evil liberal because he sent a text about Trump being a racist bigot.

Looks like the Trump cult is going full steam ahead for 2022.

I debated between “news that makes you say WTF” and this thread. I’m not sure it “matters”, but since it’s political, I landed here…

Ranked voting this time, and a lot of the voters are going to her way down.