2022-23 NHL Hockey Thread

OK, congrats COL Avs

Now, what? Oh yeah, draft and way-too-early power rankings, of course.
Huh, nothing yet. There are odds in Vegas winning next year. Avs and Lightning are the favorites.

The current hot-button topic is will Shane Wright really go 1st overall? The second one is will New Jersey trade its pick at 2nd overall?

Could be a really interesting offseason. Only $1 million more to the cap, but seems like several teams are eager to make trades even if for no other reason than to just shake things up. Well, except for Toronto who’s apparently going to march into the season with basically the same roster, hoping for different results.

Don’t know if Hockey HOF news falls under this thread but so pleased to see the Sedin twins’ names. I had the opportunity to follow their whole career here and they were a joy to watch. Really great guys off the ice as well as they gave $millions to our Children’s Hospital.

And Luongo, of course. Those were some fun Canucks teams.

(gavel noise)
I’ll allow it.

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Glad to see Carnegie get in. I always enjoyed visiting his libraries when I was looking up hockey stuff.

Not worthy of a separate thread but Hockey Canada is under attack for its handling of this assault.

Ryan McDonagh became the first cap casualty for the Lightning, waiving his NTC to go to Nashville. Rumor was that St. Louis might be kicking the tires on him, but apparently the asking price by Tampa was really minimal and they might buy out one contract to get a credit for '22-23 and a small charge for '23-24.

Draft in 2 nights. I’m expecting to see action in front of it and during it.

Chicago sends Debrincat to Ottawa for #7, #39 and a 3rd in 2024. The gutting of the Blackhawks is underway. Pretty sure Kane and Toews are glad they each only have one year left and that they’re not sticking around for years of rebuilding. I’ll be really surprised if they’re still with Chicago by about February 1, 2023.

Really sure Seth Jones didn’t sign up for a major rebuild. Not sure he’s going anywhere for a while with that contract.

Solid trade for Ottawa! They are gonna push for a playoff spot this year for sure.

Washington, Pittsburgh, Boston…Are they gonna fall out of the playoffs finally this season? Teams like Ottawa, Buffalo, New Jersey, and Detroit are all quickly improving. Something’s gotta give this season. Maybe Igor falls back down to earth and the Rangers miss.

Shane Wright odds has fallen from -550 to -200 these last two days to get picked #1. Currently back up to -220.

I still can’t get my head around that the Habs have the #1 pick! Habs also seem to like Slafkovsky. Montreal is an exciting town to be a hockey player in so whoever gets picked will be thrilled to play there.


Slovaks go 1-2! Habs are really active. Seattle lucked out getting Wright.

Chicago really embracing the tank for Bedard strategy this season.

Free Agency signing window opens tomorrow. It seems almost certain at this point that Gaudreau goes to one of CGY, PHI, NJD, NYI… Players like Kadri and Malkin should get a lot of interest and it will be a free for all for them.

Will be interesting to see where Keumper and Campbell go. Capitals need a goalie after getting rid of both of theirs in the last week. I’m also curious to see what happens with Evander Kane.

Malkin goes back to Pittsburgh. Same with Kane and Edmonton. Campbell also to the Oilers and Kuemper to DC.

Looks like Gaudreau is between the Devils and Islanders now. Kadri a little less information about right now.

Can someone explain to me why Gaudreau turned down many $ millions more from Calgary to play for Columbus?

So strange. He left Calgary supposedly because he wants to be near home. Where is home? New Jersey. He is still a plane ride from NJ. Closer, but still. He left a winning team to join a loser for less money. And he didnt sign with the Devils or Islanders which are arguably in better positions for success long term than Columbus and obviously much closer to his home. And now he has to live in Ohio.

It just doesnt add up!

I just assume all professional athletes are mercenaries so when someone doesn’t take the most dollars I am surprised. People talk about the “hometown discount” but I think that is a myth.