2022-23 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Discussion

Congratulations to the Jayhawks!

Now, on to the next season. Which players will leave their teams, who will stay? Which coaches will leave for more money and prestige and better players?

Well, ESPN knows not to waste any time:

Early prediction is that Illinois will fall from the top echelon of the Big 10 down to the bottom half as Cockburn leaves, Andre Curbelo transfers, and several seniors run out of eligibility. (unless they can attract some transfer talent).

A kid I have been watching all season is 5-star freshman Max Christie on Michigan State. I’ve never met him, but I know someone that knows him well, so I kept track of him. His season seemed mediocre. He wasn’t relied on as a scorer, and when he did shoot, his percentages were mediocre. But he put in for the NBA draft already. I have seen his name on some mock drafts in the 1st round.

I am quite surprised that DTNF fell for clique-bait.

Or is that click-bait?

It feels like the transfer portal opens up good futures betting opportunities.

Well, I didn’t read it. It’s ESPN, and they do this after every championship in nearly every sport. And, I link them every time, as an excuse to create a new thread way too early.

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LSU down to zero scholarship players after they fired the coach. 11 transferred 2 went to the draft and the incoming recruiting class all decommitted


Yeah, but how many of the 11 that ENTERED the transfer portal will actually end up transferring? I’m guessing the number will be less than 11, possibly less than 7.

And maybe LSU can pickup the 3 St. Peter’s stars?

Depends on how long LSU is on probation for the major violations alleged by the NCAA.

I’m kidding, the NCAA won’t do anything to LSU. They’ll instead hit Missouri with another 2 year postseason ban in most sports for self-reporting a violation where some tutor goes rogue doing classwork for student-athletes, the school finds out about it from one of the student-athletes and immediately fires the tutor, and the tutor lies when questioned about what they did.

OK, I missed the story about their coach getting the Seton Hall job. What are the odds they all end up at Seton Hall?

Bill Self is suspended 4 games (by Kansas itself, not the NCAA), and must suffer some other minor punishment like the loss of 1 scholarship for 3 years and some recruit contact limitations.

The 4 games he will miss are 3 complete cake walks and neutral site meetup with Duke. So at worst, he comes back to a 3-1 team.

So, coaches, go ahead an win multiple NCAA championships by recruiting the country’s best players with bags full of untraceable cash, and perhaps miss 4 mostly meaningless games 5 years down the road.

Maybe now Bruce Weber can go get a haircut.

Is Texas going to be looking for a new head basketball coach?

Yeah, from what I’ve read the story is pretty damning. He basically beat up his girlfriend/fiance (allegedly). Cops noticed bruises and marks on her. He choked her with his hands (allegedly) She now wants to “not press charges” because two days ago she was engaged to a guy with a $35M contract and well, now she’s not.

I think he’s as employable as Ray Rice right now.

According to the latest Kenpom ratings, The Atlantic Coast Conference has fallen to being the 6th best conference, behind (in order) B12, B10, SEC, BE, and Pac12.

So CONGRATULATIONS to all the new recruits at Duke and North Carolina. You now play in a mid-major conference!

And he’s gone.

There will be stories written about UNC’s epic collapse this year. National champion runner up to apparently dealing with massive infighting.

Armando Bacot said he spoke to the team after the game and that he said if you don’t want to be here quit.

By the end of his postgame press conference after Tuesday’s appalling loss, coach Hubert Davis would go on to admit that his UNC team has played with a perplexing joylessness and confirm that the Tar Heels’ chemistry as a group hasn’t been in an optimal place. Davis chose his words carefully, particularly when beginning his comments.

Meanwhile, the 5-star we were supposed to get hates where he ended up going.

Last summer, Twitter was in a frenzy when five-star G.G. Jackson announced that he would de-commit from UNC, ultimately choosing South Carolina.

Safe to say that decision has not panned out for Jackson, with the 6-9 power forward taking to Instagram after the GameCocks’ endured their 15th loss of the season in a 65-63 defeat to Arkansas. Jackson went on the live blasting the Game Cocks usage of his abilities while questioning his next moves for the 2023-2024 season.

Best recruting class in the country all rethinking next year at this point.

This is all data supporting my hatred of the transfer portal. These prissy young entitled players don’t like a situation right off the bat, then they are gone like a fart in the wind.

G.G. Jackson is playing a high number of minutes.
G.G. Jackson is taking quite a high percentage of his team’s shots when he in on the floor. His shot taking percentage is 77th in the country out of 4000+ players.
G.G. Jackson makes a low percentage of his shots. His free throw rate is 62.9%. His 2pt percentage is 42.2% and his 3pt percentage is 34.4.
Is his complaint that he wants to shoot and score less? SC is just not that good this year, and Jackson is not transcendent enough to make up for that.

NC is a good team, not a great team. It’s not a powerhouse like they are used to seeing on tobacco road. They don’t shoot well, particularly from behind the arc. They are not a great rebounding team either. They are just a 1st weekend team that seems to think that they ought to be a final 4 team every year just off of reputation. They don’t shoot too well, but they are still above .500 in the A-C-effing-C. I am not sure that effort is lacking. Bacot may just need to realize that he is getting his first taste of parity in his life.

Yeah current portal is whack.

I would not call NC good at this point. ‘Kinda meh’ at best. Bacot has been stellar though, and consistently so, so his frustration is understandable. Love and Davis are suddenly trash, Love in particular, and Nance just wasn’t that good to begin with it turns out. The shooting is the big mystery. It’s mostly the same guys, suddenly poor at it. I only bring it up because the publicity of the infighting is unusual. Very Kyrie-ish, which is icky.

More generally, ACC also appears trash. Clemson, UVA, Miami are the only remote tourney teams from what I’ve seen. Watched Pitt beat us twice, and they’re currently 3rd in the standings, but beating a team by 1 who shot 18% from 3 and 59% on free throws is not impressive. It’s possible they are actually good though. Their remaining schedule is very favorable so I expect them to get in. NCSU pretended to be good and choked as soon as they got into the national rankings, but between them, Duke, and WFU, I’d expect 2 of the 3 to get in cuz historically biased committee.

I wouldn’t exactly call it trash. I think that they are really one of the better mid majors out there.

It’s tough to build around Bacot. If he were good, he wouldn’t be a senior on a NC team. He’d be gone and getting paid to play.