2022-23 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Discussion

wut? That you call the ACC a mid-major accurately reflects my perception of it being a trash year I think. Bacot would’ve been drafted last year (not 1st round). He stayed for the 'ship opportunity…and NIL made it worth/doable. He also broke school records for double-doubles and career rebounds this season. Dude can ball, though I will concede he mainly plays the position using strength and not athleticism, so his NBA career will be pretty meh.

The great Kenpom says the ACC is the 6th best conference in the land, but dangerously close to falling behind the Mountain West.


Yes. As of today, a single point in time, the ACC is, relatively speaking, not as good as recent history. I think you’re confirming my argument. 8 titles have come from the ACC in the last 20 years, with 10 contenders in the championship game. No one is close to getting there again today, so I do agree the trajectory is downwards.

Brandon Miller saga seems to be getting stranger.

Short version of the story: Brandon Miller is one of the top players in the country. Arguably, he’s the top freshman in the country. He’s a certain lottery pick, coming from Alabama, which is one of the top 5 teams in the country by Kenpom’s rating. Someone says, “Hey Brandon, go get my gun” and Brandon obliges, and that someone shoots a young women dead with the gun. I don’t think there’s anyone disputing these facts.

Alabama says Brandon did nothing wrong. He only fetched the gun. He didn’t shoot anybody.

Yesterday, opposing fans chanted “Lock him up!” but Brandon went off for 41 points in a big win over SC.

He’s the best player on a team with legit title hopes, and he at least had tangential involvement in a murder. He’s seemingly going to not face any discipline or charges whatsoever. Life is good when you can play sports really well. Just ask Ray Lewis.

So, zero shots, one assist?


Dude’s good. That he hasn’t been traumatized into performing poorly is impressive from the basketball perspective. No idea how the incident might affect draft stock. Or if it’s fully closed.

Aaannnndd UVA’s out in the first round. When’s that ever happened… >.>

2021 to name a few

VA was also waaaaaay overseeded at 4 according to St. Kenpom

Oh yeah…was definitely being sarcastic. Particularly 2018 as the #1.

Their style of play, the super slow half court game, packline defense, pass-pass-pass on offense, just adds volatility to the expected result.

I saw Tony Bennett play once, when he was at Green Bay, playing for his father Dick Bennett. Green Bay came into Champaign to play the Flying Illini, a super severe clash of styles. GB took virtually the whole shot clock up if they could hold onto the ball, and Illinois’ average possession length had to be under 10 seconds. That team wanted to run and shoot in transition, and GB was severely outclassed.

They seem to do pretty good when they make it out of the first round, though.

The last sequence was very painful to watch. Madness.


Sad for Miami too. Lost their best player to injury in the conference tourney so kinda figured they’d disappoint. Definitely didn’t pick AZ to go down though.

OMG it looks like Purdue is going down at the hands of Farleigh Dickenson.

Wait… Is Farleigh Dickenson any relation to Angie Dickenson?

It is over. Hang your head in shame Purdue.


There goes the last 450 perfect brackets.

Spoke too soon. He ended up playing apparently. Still losing at the moment but close.

And they pulled it out! Drake couldn’t hit anything at the end.

Big story north of the border because of Toronto boy Zach Edey playing for Purdue. Would love to see him in a Raptors jersey some day.

I saw something that said on the Men’s side there were 0 perfect brackets, I think after the 3rd day out of over 20,000,000.

On the Women’s side they said there are 2 our of 2,100,000 still perfect after 3 days.

The women still have one more day of play before their sweet 16 is set, but they currently have 7 of the 8 top ranked teams in the sweet 16 with only #1 seed Stanford losing. And they could end up with 15 of the top 16 seeds making the sweet 16.

On the Men’s side they only have 9 of the top 16 seeds in the sweet 16.

Seems a little easier to pick the women. They had 7 upsets in the first round and a 12 over 5 was the biggest upset. They had two 12’s, one 11, two 10, and two 9’s.

The men also had 7 upsets in the first round with a 16, a 15, a 13, a 11 a 10, and 2 9’s.

The women’s bracket has always been much easier to pick. It is possible to get a perfect women’s bracket, which is why nobody offers to pay a $million for getting all games correct.