2021 Survivor Fantasy Football

Er, I got lucky in all weeks!


Congrats may be a wee bit premature…

201 at halftime. Is that 261 number accurate? Needs 60 points in the 2nd half to win it for jahiegel?

Singletary was 232
allen 242

judge at 531
Jahiegal 270 with the penalty + ekler

I see singletary is 232


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215 valiant effort but Eckler couldn’t duplicate 1st haLf.

Congrats to Judge

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Yep wasn’t premature after all. He ended up in 3rd… :sunglasses: This has been a crazy game (both this chargers game and the survivor game in general!)

And Week 18 is in the books! :judge:

Person      QB           RB           WR             QB  RB  WR Tot
JudgeSmails KCousins     DSingletary  MAndrews      214 232  85 531
CaptDingo   CWentz       DForemen     AStBrown      139  84 181 504 inc +100 B
Jahiegel    JAllen       AEkeler      AJBrown       242 219 128 489 inc -100 P

Congrats to JudgeSmails for winning Week 18…

… and the 2021 Survivor Fantasy Football Title!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
:party: :party:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

JudgeSmails, may you enjoy all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges you are entitled to with this honor!!

I also want to make sure we congratulate our runners-up for a fine run this season - well done CaptainDingo and Jahiegel!! :clap:

We hope to see you three back next year to defend your titles! :+1:


Etched on the Virtual Survivor Fantasy Football Trophy:

The Winners
2001: Kid Rock (Runner-up: Ducky)
2002: Ducky (Runner-up: Big D)
2003: StoneGroove (Runner-up: Ultimate Anyone?)
2004: TP (Runner-up: Kid Rock)
2005: Bill Walton(Hippie Years) (Runner-up: ian grey)
2006: Ultimate Anyone? (Runner-up: shadyridr)
2007: shadyridr (Runner-up: Halfmoon)
2008: harvma (Runner-up: StoneGroove)
2009: CaptainDingo (Runners-up: Cynical Realist, ReserveRage)
2010: uoflcard (Runner-up: yankeetripper)
2011: harvma (Runners-up: OddSox, Patience)
2012: InSpades (Runners-up: SirVLCIV, Patience)
2013: rekrap (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, Arthur Itas)
2014: OddSox (Runners-up: rekrap, keyser soze)
2015: yankeetripper (Runners-up: accobra_kid, abwoc)
2016: ImPrettyDumb (Runners-up: MayanActuary, uoflcard)
2017: CaptainDingo (Runners-up: Whiskey, Kid Rock, OddSox)
2018: ShivamS (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, Funemployed)
2019: Arthur Itas (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, ReserveRage, Funemployed, silentassassin)
2020: YankeeTripper (Runners-up: KidRock, IPD, CaptainDingo)
2021: JudgeSmails (Runners-up: CaptainDingo, Jahiegel)

For those who’d like to see the details to the games from the past years simply click on the year on the left.

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Looks like Capt should’ve gone with Lock at QB . . .

Thanks for that. Yes, MayanActuary’s triplet up there would have won…

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I tried to give you guys a hint…

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Congrats to Judge on the win!

Thanks again for the game UA?! Best game on GoA.


Congrats @JudgeSmails !

Thank you @UltimateAnyone ! I echo the sentiment that this is the best game on the forum


Thank you everyone for the congrats – what a wild ride!!

This was totally unexpected! My money would’ve been on @CaptainDingo, @Jahiegel, and @Kid_Rock over myself for either of these last 2 weeks.

And a special thanks to @UltimateAnyone for running!!

Enjoy the playoffs!


Thanks all

Hopefully @UltimateAnyone will be running this game again this season. It’s my favorite;

If you feel like joining me in a $ version you can find it here:

King of the mountain costs $10 for 1 entry, $15 for 2. Top 2/3 of triplets advance each week, bottom 1/3 are eliminated. $25K to the winner.