2021 Fantasy Football


In my other league (ESPN), it also shows only 2 points on the team.

ESPN fantasy site seems to be missing his FG’s.

But, here is Butker’s ESPN page, showing 8 points:

I figure it will get updated eventually.

I have Butker on a team and he has 8 points. Not ESPN though.

I got hit by Kelce on one team, and Mahomes in the other league. Steep hill to climb now

Pay attention to the COVID list this week! Rams have 25 players in COVID protocol, and Browns and WFT have 21 each. Browns and WFT may have big issues at QB

So, anyone here start Antonio Brown in money games this week?

I had the best team in my 10-team league and lost last week when Brady did nothing vs. CAR. Tough to watch Brady/Kupp/DAdams/JTaylor/Rhamondre go off this week.

See ya next year!

I will brag on my team, since little has gone right lately.

I had the highest score of any game this season in our league while winning the championship by 65+ points

Left 12 points on the bench with Dare and Russ

Damn, your opponent had a good week and got housed.

Finally a DK Metcalf sighting. He was (fantasy) terrible the 2nd half of the season.

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He and Lockett. “Yeah, let’s pass it to the TE and the third receiver, maybe a back.” Damn Seahawks!

Looks like we don’t have a new thread for this year. Given how late we are in the season I’m bumping this one for now.

I’m ready to make some deals in 1 league with unusual parameters. Key details: start 1 RB, 1WR, 1RB/WR, and 1WR/TE. Full PPR, 1 pt for 10yds rushing and 1pt for 20yds receiving.

Why am I ready to deal? Have 3 quality RB, can only start 2 each week, and my WR2 spot is lacking. Would love to flip an RB for a quality WR, and given scoring parameters should be doable. My quality RB: Mixon, Walker, Etienne. Also have a mediocre one in Gordon.

Sent an email to a guy weak at RB that has Davonte Adams and Amon Ra St Brown. Initial offer I floated was Mixon for Adams. Seems reasonable to me. Thoughts? He replied asking if any of our RB would be available for St Brown instead. I think I’d be selling a little short here, but I’m thinking on it.

For reference, my current WR2 has been rotating mostly between Davonta Smith and Cooks. Both are below average in this 14 team league.

Note: Walker/Etienne have the same bye week 11

I’d also try trading with another team

Yep, thanks. Already told the guy that if I deal Mixon it has to wait until a week from Saturday so I don’t have a bye week issue for week 11.

I plan to make another proposal today. Am leaning Mixon and Mooney for St Brown and Lazard, with the caveat that I won’t officially make the offer until a week from Saturday due to the bye issue.

Why not Mixon/Mooney for Adams/throw-in?

I can try that too. He didn’t say no to Adams, just tee’d up St Brown instead. Unfortunately I think he may be anchored to the trade value settings for Yahoo, which values Adams much more highly than Mixon. Interestingly, the night before I floated the idea Yahoo showed Mixon for Adams as win-win for both teams. Perhaps they greatly increased Adams value overnight after Waller and Renfroe hit IR. I decided to sleep on it before I messaged the guy, and when I looked in the AM the numbers changed a lot.

Mixon+Mooney for Adams+throw-in is showing as a big W for me by Yahoo, so I doubt he pulls the trigger on that since it’s a Yahoo league. Maybe if he had seen the day before values that I saw where Yahoo had Mixon for Adams as a good deal he’d be more likely to bite.

Wound up trading Mixon+Cooks for St Brown+Lazard

I have a classic “Trash Trader” in my league that just offered me the following crap trade offer:

I had just cut Thielen on Monday.

I have a guy in each league that I will never make trade offers to as they always propose ridiculous trades

I joined a C2C (Campus 2 Canton) league this year. 32 teams, draft a full college team (with IDP). When the players reach the NFL, you get that player copy on a rookie deal [NFL is a 2-copy salary cap/contract league].

Just won the inaugural NCAA championship, and am in 1st place in our NFL league. Odds are against a double-up but I’m trying.