2021 Fantasy Football

Starting a new thread for this season.

Who do you like in standard scoring (no PPR) this week? Pick 2:

Rondale Moore @JAC
Sermon v GB
Edmonds @JAC

Sermon has cleared concussion protocol so he’s likely the starter

I went with CEH and Sermon, which was indeed the optimal play.

In my other league, Yahoo has me 89% to win which I think underestimates my chances. I’m up by 3.8 points, all his players are finished, and I have CD Lamb yet to play. It’s a full PPR league, and fumbles are -2. It would be damn near impossible for Lamb to get a -4. I suppose that the 11% chance of loss is due to potential stat corrections, but even that seems too high as it would take a big stat correction AND a stinker from Lamb to hand me the L

If you were DOWN by 3.8, I could see you having an 89% chance of winning (probably still higher than that though).

Picked up Gordon as an FA in both my leagues before Week 3’s games. Dumped some losers. I can’t tell if anyone’s noticed, as he will soon be the #2 Wide Receiver choice for KC.
Maybe I can favorably trade him for future draft picks, depending on my standing in the standings (2-1, so far.)

Standard scoring, no PPR:

Choose 2: Deebo Samuel, Corey Davis, E Sanders
Choose 1: Sermon, Edmonds

I am annoyed by a new guy in my fantasy league. He’s doing something I’ve never seen before in my many seasons of fantasy football: he has 9 players on bye this week, and is just punting the week without trying. I think there’s no way he accidentally drafted that many guys with the same bye week, and doing it as a strategy seems moronic. Dude is 1-5 going into the week.

He could still make a half hearted effort to be competitive by dropping a few guys that are marginal anyway (Conklin, Rountree, Shenault) for active players and flipping his K on bye to another one. He’d still be pretty screwed though.

Annoying as a contender is essentially getting a free bye week vs this clown.

I did that.
But, it’s my whole bench (only six players). I have a decent starting team. Those six players (one was Cowboy D) had 77 points last week.

Also, big money is in your league’s playoffs, isn’t it?

Maybe he’s new and didn’t understand the importance of the players’ bye weeks?

I don’t normally care about bye weeks, though, 'cause moron. Only lose a total of one game with this “strategy” versus several games by a few points because one of your top players is off each week. Which is better?

Did you see the list of some of his bye week players I mentioned? Most are meh. His only higher quality starters on bye are Ekeler and Thielen. I have Ekeler and Lamb on bye myself this week in my other league.

Q: do you have bench players in this league? Or is he starting these bye-week players because there is no bench?

You can only control your team. That’s why it’s not that much fun (IMO). I’m probably out next year of both my leagues. Just too much luck (mostly bad) involved.

Big benches in this one: 7 spots. No additional IR spots though.

WTF is that? Just drop and pick up someone else. Won’t be the same when he comes back anyway.
We do have a COVID rule in one of my leagues.
Anywho, I gotta drop Baker Mayfield next week.

The league decided that with the uncertainty around Corona exposures to just convert an IR spot to a bench spot. I’d prefer to add an IR spot back, then take away 2 bench spots per team. I like a little more potential waiver action, which my other league with only 5 bench spots has. Everyone in that league sometimes has to drop someone they’d rather hang onto, and you have to decide when you think burning your waiver priority is worthwhile.

This league has waiver priority reset weekly based on record, which I don’t like.

Sigh. That Brady touchdown in OT means I likely lost by 0.1 points. Went from a virtual playoff lock to need to win next week and need help. Also got Kittled in my other league, but at least I already clinched.

I also got kittled in overtime.

Going to have second highest scorebthis week and lose.

Unless Kupp + Conner + Prater < 30

So yeah, heading to the playoffs as the #5 seed despite being #2 in points.

Hopefully my team doesn’t collapse in the playoffs.

Git some gifts last night
Now just need Kupp + Conner + Prater < 51.97

Not hopeful, since it is a 1PPR league.

Screwed up both my leagues this year. Getting bored by it, and probably will stop.

Well, that went poorly

Kupp + Conner + Prater = 77.80

Anyone in a fantasy league with Butker (K, KC)? Last night he made two FGs and two XP’s for a total of 8 points. Right?
I don’t have him, but it (ESPN) shows him with 2 points on the team that does have him.

8 points in all 3 leagues i am in. (not on my team in any)

You use ESPN?