2021 Double Elimination Reverse Survivor Pool

<If anybody wants to take over modding, feel free, I just wanted to get this out in time for the Thurs game.>

Returning for the 17th season is the Double Elimination Reverse Suicide Pool!!!

Now with more difficulty, it is an 18 week season, can anybody survive that extra week?

Prior Winners:

2005: Butters
2006: ReserveRage
2007: PosterNutBag
2008: Da Bears!
2009: Kid Rock
2010: Warrior04
2011: Random Poster
2012: Random Poster
2013: manaknight14
2014: Whiskey!
2015: therealsylvos
2016: Ultimate Anyone!
2017: accobra_kid
2018: Jahiegal
2019: 3Rookie
2020: OutDoorManNowActuary


  1. Pick a team each week of the NFL season. If they win or tie, you get a strike. If you get 2 strikes, you are out.

  2. You may only pick each team once during the contest.

  3. If you fail to make a pick, you will get a strike and the team whose ‘city’ is closest to A will no longer be available to you.

  4. A pick must be GA timestamped by 15 minutes before the kickoff of the game the team is involved in to be valid.

  5. Do not edit posts with a pick in it. I will use your last valid post as your pick for the week, so if you want to make a change, just make a new post.

  6. If I make an error in the official picks/standings post, you are responsible for pointing it out and having me make the correction.

Special Week 18 Rules
If more than 1 person survives to week 18, the following rules apply:

(1) Each player should submit a list to me via PM of all 15 teams they have remaining, in order from most likely to lose to least likely to lose.

(2) Picks are due 1 hour before the first game of the week.

(3) Once the deadline is past, I will post a table of the picks.

(4) There are essentially 15 separate week 18s. For 18-1, everyone’s first pick will be evaluated, and you will advance or get a strike. If it is your second strike, you will be eliminated. We then move on to 18-2, 18-3, 18-4, etc until we have a single winner.

(5) If all remaining players are eliminated in a particular round, then no one will receive a strike for that round and we will continue on.

(6) If two or more players survive past 18-15, they will be co-champions.

Week 1: Cleveland

Holy cats… I knew they’d expanded the NFL season for 2021, but that’s just insanity!!!


And now that I’ve been a smartass… are you not wanting to run the game?

I can help if you’d like, although I don’t recall what all gets done prior to the start of the week. Do you do reminders? Post a summary of picks?

I think I can handle compiling the results.

Week 1: Detroyt Lyins

I’ll go obvious here, even if it’s burning using them for later.

Week 1: Tampa Bay

You should know about the unwritten rule that harassing the volunteer mod results in your first strike.

hmm… That’s genrous. I’ll retract your first strike.

I am fine running the game. I just don’t want to steal the thunder from posters who’ve done a great job in the past.

I’m a low maintenance mod, i don’t give reminders. Posting a summary of picks is reasonable since it might make the results easier.

if you want to do anything, go for it. I won’t post until I’ve read the full thread.

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Week 1: How ‘bout dem Cowboys!

I should remind you that the goal is to pick losers.

ie, that’s a bold pick Cotton, I hope that works out for you.


An excellent loser pick. I will also say

week 1 det


Cool; I’ll let you take the lead but let me know if you need assistance at some point / have something going on that makes updating a hassle.

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Week 1: Da Bears

Well, crap. I should learn to read. I blame the shitty English department at the high school I went to.

I was really going to let this hang out until 15 minutes before kickoff tomorrow night, but knew I’d probably screw up and forget. So, change this pick to

How about them, indeed.

Week 1: Cleveland Browns

Detroit Kittens to lose WK1!

Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers

Noted, but I hope you get a strike anyways.

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That makes two of us.

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Be funny if the game ended in a tie . . .