2021-22 NBA Season Thread

Nets odds on favorite to win it all, betting money coming in on the Lakers

A few fun questions -

Will Kyrie Irving sit out the whole year over vaccine?
What will happen with the Ben Simmons soap opera in Philly?
Will the ancient Lakers avoid major injuries and father time to bring home the brass ring?
Will the Warriors bounce back with the return of Klay and infusion of youth or does Curry and crew come crashing to earth? This is probably the team with the greatest variance in it’s projected win total of 48.5.
Can Giannis Antetokounmpo and crew repeat?
Will this be the year Chirs Paul gets his ring?

I’m not sure but I think the Rockets are back on live broadcasts in China but the 76’s are banned and now the Celtics have been taken off as well.

So what would be the repercussions if the NBA were to stand up to China and say “all or nothing, you either broadcast all the games or you get none of them.” Would the outcry by Chinese fans be enough to move the government to remove the ban? Or would it be too costly to the NBA to attempt such a move?

I don’t think the fans in China have that much pull over the government in China.

I do wonder what the contract is like:
Does China pay per game they air or something?
Per team they allow to be shown?
Or is the NBA assuming that “eyes → products sold → $$$”, therefore anytime someone in the NBA speaks ill of China, games don’t get shown and $$$ don’t get thrown their way?

Who cares about China! The Knicks are 1-0!

That was a fantastic start to the season, although both teams probably won’t be able to bounce back strong in their next games. Everyone looked gassed.

Is there an ETA on Klay coming back? I wasn’t following and was surprised to see he’s not close.

Optimistic return is Christmas and that’s what Klay is “shooting for” given the timeline and severity of the injury last year, MLK is probably a realistic return time timetable.

Wiesman is closer and has started ramping up his rehab but given how raw he looked last year he’s not likely to be an impact player soon but he’s freakishly athletic and can run the floor like a deer. Hopefully he can fill the old JaVale McGee role of throwing down alley-oops and swatting shots on the defensive end in short bursts.

Be patient. It’s the start of the season. The Knicks have to look good before they Knick it up. For the baseball version see the Mets.

When will the Knicks start booing their fans? Over/Under at 12-25-2021

The Mets fan in me doesn’t know how to respond. But my response will eventually be disappointment.

4 games into the season only 3 teams undefeated and only 2 teams winless.

Exciting season continues, I guess.

Just to be clear: MY life is a REAL life. Yours is not. That is all.

Jokic’s punishment was just. Morris should have been suspended without pay a game as well. He didn’t play the next game but still got paid. And Butler should have gotten to meet Jokic behind the stadium after the game.

Jokic should in no way have done what he did. That said, the Morris brothers play old by old school power forward rules in a modern league. You take that many cheap shots at people eventually someone is going to hit back. Don’t cry about it when it happens.

In a normal world, they’d be in such deep shit. In the professional sports world, they’ll probably get a fine and told to go to counseling and release a pithy statement about not being as overt in the future with their hatred.

LeBron cheap shots Isaiah Stewart and sets off a wild scene in Detroit. LeBron deservedly got ejected.

The cheap shot: https://twitter.com/TheFrankIsola/status/1462580087405043721?t=HxdGlJhe_DsZWvxzeT_v2A&s=19

The scene: https://twitter.com/sportingnews/status/1462582341075759108?t=P7DBZlHvIGpZJQNNc6L56A&s=19

That scene was crazy! Been awhile since I’ve seen a player go crazy like that. Stewart should have multiple game suspension. LeBron should get one but probably won’t get any

So LeBron got one game and Stewart got 2. Seemed Stewart’s reaction and continued reactions probably warranted more. LeBron claimed it was unintentional and he did seem to try to apologize in the moment. The movement was obviously intentional and LeBron pretty much admitted as much, just where the blow his was probably not as intentional as the blow.

I’m OK with LeBron getting ejected and fined and suspended, but I think the reaction and continued reaction of Stewart probably warranted at least what he got and probably more. The NBA probably should have indicated he should be on notice that another unreasonable outburst like that would get him significant time out of the game.

I think it was a reasonable compromise. I mean if they wanted to really send a message give LeBron 3 games and Stewart 5 but I don’t think they are interested in suspending LeBron 3 games.

Could he pick the 3 games to miss, so he could rest on one end of a back to back and not be seen as “cheating” the fans that hoped to see him?

I don’t think that’s how suspensions work, but nice working in Draymond’s pod cast.

New record last night. Grizzles beat the Thunder by 73(!) points