2021-22 English Premier League discussion

Gotta play everyone twice.
I assume they will have an easy portion of their schedule.

Recorded correctly yesterday. Disappointing. My USA guide is three hours off. Can’t tell if it’s spectrum or TiVo.

Disappointing, anywho.

Awesome BRE-LIV match!
Wondering if we have any update for the contest. While my NOR pick is shitty, my BRE pick shouldn’t be as bad as others’.

Meanwhile, MCI beat CHE away, away to PSG this week, then away v LIV in a battle of #1 v #2.

But sometimes when a team gets used to losing they lose the spirit to win the games they can win. However, Dyche’s dealt with this issue many times before so if anyone can deal with it, he can.

?? Not sure what you mean?

That’s some pretty shitty coaching if a team goes into a funk for losing to the best teams in the league while not playing the lesser teams.
But, we’ll see how it turns out.

Everton (much as I’d like them to be), Arsenal and Brighton are far from the best teams in the league. I think Liverpool (as much as I wish they weren’t) are the only team that qualify.

Brighton & Hove Albion had a chance to sit on top of the Premier League, but instead needed a stoppage-time goal to salvage a draw against Crystal Palace.

Bummer. Would have made for good press, even if for just a few days.

Wow, what an awesome match LIV-MCI!


I found this whole article to be written from the wrong POV. Without VAR, all of those corrected reversals wouldn’t have existed. VAR corrected wrongs. You’re welcome.
Instead, the article is written as though VAR has adversely affected the league and some teams. “NEW would be out of the relegation zone if VAR hadn’t messed up their season. MCI shouldn’t be so high, except for VAR.”
At least, that’s how I hear it in my brain.

So, the owners weren’t offended, but “some people might be.” OK.

Hey, at least they weren’t wearing airplane hijack outfits, with two other fans dressed as the WTC. Would THAT be offensive?

Also, kudos to TOT’s Dier getting an EMT with cardiac arrest equipment over to save a NEW fan’s life.

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What a game today. Had great time at The LA Coliseum. Quick chat w the 2 Robbie’s during the game and picture w the EPL trophy. Fun time.

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The cherry on the sundae was at the Bocelli concert at the Hollywood Bowl last night. While it is likely a coincidence since it is in his repertoire, he belted out a fantastic Never Walk Alone during the show. Great way to start and end a Saturday.

Best line from the event was standing next to Robbie Earle when they said something like this would be the worst shut out home loss for ManuU since 1895. Earle looked at me and we both smiled and then he said “I remember that game.”

Santo out at Spurs after just 17 games. Damn, the EPL is fickle. The fan reaction in that 3-0 loss to ManU was telling, and it was going to take a run of success that didn’t look like it was coming to save his job. As a one-off, you could say it was just a bad game a la what Arsenal and ManU had already. The pattern this season said otherwise.

Antonio Conte looks to be the new boss. Wonder how much control the team is willing to defer to him, and how much success he’s going to have with that squad with Kane, even if he denies it, one foot out the door.

Is this a veiled shot at Pogba?

“If you’re not in the starting XI you’re there to support your teammates and you come on and do your best when you come on; if you don’t come on then what’s the single most important thing you can do to help the team? And the attitude was spot on.”

He says this one game after Pogba comes on as a sub, gets a direct red 14 minutes later.

ManU appears to be the only club satisfied with un performing expectations. They are not a serious contender for anything but Europa League and they have to fail to get that. Quick trigger for Spurs considering Kane drama at beginning of year. But even Chelsea got rid of club legend quickly last year and reaped dividends.

The squad treated Santo like the fifth choice he was. They are unlikely to treat Conte in the same way.

He is decent manager, Newcastle should look at him.

Only 9 goals in 10 games for Spurs: not surprising the fans turned ugly.