2021-22 English Premier League discussion

We also can use this for any type of contest that is made.

So, congrats to MCI!
Now, on to the new season, which starts August 13.
VAR will still be used, hopefully improving the speed. I liked how the Euro’s had more than one VAR, with one dedicated solely to offside.
There will be a Feb break.
Got some new teams, earning their place by merit rather than just ponying up money to the existing owners: NOR, WAT returning (don’t even need their full names), and Brentford Football Club, aka The Bees, a kind of soccer equivalent to Moneyball, and the 50th different team in the EPL since inception in the 1990’s. Their home uni’s are a red and white vertical-striped shirt, with black shorts and black socks.

So in the USA, NBCSN is going dark (or turning into something else) by the end of the year, according to NBC. EPL Matches are presumed to move to USA Network. They’re also losing NHL, and there just are not enough Mecum Car Auctions to show, so goodbye, former OLN.
First and second matchdays have six of ten matches on cable. The third matchday currently only has four, but that could change.

Nice article on Wrexham AFC, you know, that up-and-coming 5th-tier club.

ESPN should make a point to contract to show their matches on The Plus, just to see if their money could affect low-level English Soccer as well as College Football.

This year will be interesting as I’ll see if I can stream the premier league now we’ve officially cut cable…

Do we have a contest this season?


Great- thanks!

We await your picks, which you will submit next Monday, disregarding the deadline.

Nice try! :laughing:

Just going by past experience!

I hear the Big 12 is going to reach out to Wrexham to see if they’re interested in joining, seeing as how no one else wants in. They figure getting a 5th-tier football club will give everyone a chance to pick up an easy W.

There is some goofy story about Real Madrid wanting to “join” the EPL. It’s funny, because that is not how soccer in Europe works. They might be able to join The MLS.

Just finished watching the matches I recorded (and deleted some USA Network shows that was supposed to be the LEI match).

MUN look real good and if Pogba leaves, no one else in the EPL would mind. He looked pretty happy, but he’s gone at season’s end, and no one wants to pay for him right now.
LIV looked good, too.
MCI: no, not really.
Brentford put it to ARS on Friday. Nice.

Also, I didn’t notice much time wasted for VAR reviewing. I do watch on faster-than-live, though, and I am playing play-chip poker, so maybe I was distracted.

Oh, we have a thread for discussing the season. Good. We have a 2nd chance to laugh at Arsenal being dead last in the table through 3 games with 0 goals scored and a -9 differential.

Norwich City being Norwich City in the EPL, also -9 right now, but at least it has a goal to its credit.

Tottenham could be top of the table with a win at Watford. Or, they could draw and then that + ManU winning would put 6 teams at the top with 7 points, and West Ham heading it all up.

Glad that Spurs simplified the top spot situation by winning today. First time in my (long) lifetime that Spurs have opened the season with three straight wins.

Arsenal will not sit in last forever. Not as long as Norwich City is available. Which, the Gunners happen to play next. They don’t get 3 points out of that - and worse yet, if they get 0 out of it - and it will get incredibly ugly. Really, the only fitting result there is 0-0.

Brazil to EPL: “no, screw you.”

Part of me wants to applaud this kind of chaos, especially if it impacts the top-tier teams.

Spurs, nuff said.

What can I say except Go Jays Go? :blush:

Nice day Sat w Mane and Salah on the sheet. Rip from Keita on first touch a gem. New CB clean sheet in first go. Southampton pulls draw at City. So far so good.

Let’s go West Ham. Go Spurs.

Starting to regret not putting Norwich City dead last in the standings prediction game. Also staritng to wonder if they’re going to make a run at Derby County’s 11 points. No, I don’t think they’ll beat Burnley in a couple weeks.

Burnley has had an insane schedule so far, if not for that strike by Odegaard I think they pull out a win at Anfield. They still have LEI and MNC around that NOR match before they get a break and a chance to start picking up some points.