2020 Presidential Transition Discussion

More and more Trumpeters (in office, not basic-level idiots) are giving up the fight, knowing that the dude is a Loser Anchor on the party and their own reputations.

So, what next for Biden?
There’s a pandemic.
Probably some foreign terrorists.
Definitely some domestic terrorists.
Police/Sheriff departments still maintaining their own terror to the point that it is now national news. (But, I repeat myself, according to RATM.)
Deficit!!! ('cause, now it’s important.)
Now have to work even harder to make America great again, 'cause last 4 years have made it worse. Oh, some have had it better, good for them.
Categorize all the laws that Trump broke (real ones, not just made-up shit Trump did about Hillary), and charge him.
Charge him with treason the hang him from a yardarm. Oh, we don’t do that? Guillotine. Oh, we don’t do that? Tar and feather…

In no particular order.

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results of the Georgia recount should end this nonsense.

I think GOP is holding on to some far fetched hope that the recount there will flip the state and prove precedent that all close states need to recount.

but once it reveals no change to the result (realistic is <1000 votes change, in random directions), that should take the wind out of the sails.

Georgia should post results this week. Full transition should begin next week imo.

Georgia doesn’t really matter so I wouldn’t count on that ending anything. Trump is a big cry baby liar maniac. He’ll probably sneak out of the white house around Christmas and just never return, all the while rage tweeting that he won the election.

I try to put trump aside and think what the rest of the party is really thinking.

At some point when they are standing in water up to their necks they will have to admit the ship is sinking.

If you cant flip the closest state that Rs should have won, its time to let go. There is no ‘but maybe’ after that. I can see desperately grasping at straws in Georgia, but after that, the party needs to come out and ask Trump to concede.

Conceding is not the issue. Allowing the transition team to get the transitioning going is all that matters. (Yes, that would imply a concession, same as Trump saying that Biden won is essentially a concession.)

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There’s a lot that Joe is doing right now so Trump’s bidening his time is not hurting things all that much. Would be better if he could get access to security briefings and being able to do more stuff with the CDC but if this takes another month to happen I wouldn’t be too alarmed.

This is honest to goodness what I think will happen. They will end up just having to piece everything together after the inauguration instead of before it. Also the Senate is probably going to make appointing cabinet positions they have to approve difficult for the first time in history.

You should study more history

The current record is four. The Senate (nearly all of them) really didn’t like Tyler.

But those were actual votes. McConnell might simply ignore his duty.

You clearly don’t recall what Moscow Mitch did when Obama was President.

Here’s a brief history lesson on cabinet approvals

Recent Cabinet Approvals

It’s just politics. It’s ugly and a game played by people not behaving nicely (their moms would not be happy). It’s always been that way. It’ll always be that way. Why would you expect anything different? Has human nature recently changed? Ask the ancient Romans. Did their senators play nicely? You can dig up your own history of Roman senator behavior.

#both sides

Dems had control of the Senate in 2009. Mitch was limited in his influence for the initial appointments

But the increased partisan polarization did lead to the nuclear option being implemented in 2013.

So what can be done to reverse the partisan rancor?
Because it seems to me when the Republicans talk compromise it usually goes something like “The Democrats should compromise by changing their position to Republican position.”

Well, an idealist would say that if the voters stood up and demanded sanity, their elected officials might listen…but I don’t see enough of the voters doing that anytime soon, especially given the architecture of our political system.

If some kind of figure like Reagan (in terms of ability to connect with large majority of the public, not necessarily referring to political stances) were to emerge, perhaps personal charisma and political skill could derail the political pendulum.

Barring that, I only see the emergence of some kind of national crisis in conjunction with having a pragmatic leader who avoids partisan traps as defusing the mess we have today. You’d think that COVID would have been a sufficient crisis, but we didn’t have the right leader in place to do the depoliticizing.

You might even say our leader did the exact opposite of depoliticizing the pandemic.

And, we all know what happened to Rome.

Maybe your point is that democracies don’t last forever. Our 200+ year run is pretty remarkable.

I’d say “given the architecture of our information system”.

Voters can live in their own, separate, information silos where their “facts” don’t overlap.

I don’t see how to change that.

Joe has to work through the moderate channel of Romney, Murkowski, Collins and possibly Sasse. Then he has to put the progressive side of the Dems on a leash, which is much easier said than done.

I am coming to the grim reality that maybe this election didn’t matter at all because I don’t think Trump is going anywhere and as long as he continues to have Republican voters eating out of his hand he will control the Republican party. Biden V Trump may have just begun.

Why not just unleash the progressive wing of the Democratic Party?