2020 NFL Football Thread

Congrats to… um, I’ll remember, hold on… The Kansas City’s!

So, first up, Houston Texans (already having fired coach and GM) fire their PR director for not being a “cultural fit.” Pretty much everyone from the outside who has worked with her on Public Relations (media, mostly) fired back:

I liked this one best:

ESPN’s Field Yates tweeted: “So, the Texans fire their PR director @amypalcic because she isn’t a ‘cultural fit’ and countless reporters - who a PR director’s job is to work with daily - take to Twitter to express how terrific she is at her job. If she doesn’t fit, what kind of culture do the Texans want?”

The Texans are just a sh*t show. I do find Field Yates to be solid when I see him on Around The Horn.

I wonder how many teams are suffering because of the lack of a proper pre-season (OTA’s and Training Camp, not necessarily the actual games) . . .

Probably half of them. Adjustments needed to be made, and many NFL coaches and GMs don’t take kindly to adjustments.
I also think that player evaluation needed to be reconfigured due to a lack of game-infused data. One thing to get things right on a practice field against your teammates, but when an unknown element (an actual opponent) is introduced, reaction times and adjustments can be observed.

All I know is my Eagles have the biggest divisional lead in the NFC.

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at the moment the weeks leading passers

A Smith

not exactly a youth league

Eagles are total trash. What a division. The Giants are probably a Saquon Barkley away from being 8-8 this season and run away with the division.

First to 6 wins the division. Maybe even 5 1/2.

Seriously, can’t even rule the Cowboys out with their easy schedule the rest of the way.

If the Cowboys with Andy Dalton win this division, they should just relegate all 4 teams to the CFL.

Drew Lock sucks.

Ha, Ha Daniel Jones gets his first NFL victory in the non-Washington-Football team division. Prior to yesterday Jones was 4-0 v Washington and 0-? V the rest of the NFL.

NFC Least so bad.

What I find fascinating is IF the Eagles won, they would have been .500, which could have given them the appearance of legitimacy

With a bye next week and Cincinnati to follow, and Eagles next two games being against Cleveland and Seattle, Giants could take at least a tie for first at 4-7. WIll be short lived as Giants have a brutal December schedule.

COVID update re facilities:

Probably need to clamp down more on outside contacts. These protocols are only effective when someone who has COVID comes to the facility, though it will help contain the spread. But that someone has COVID. And, you and they don’t know it yet.

That coughing app can’t be developed quickly enough.

Is it just me, or is ESPN moving a lot of content to Plus? Looking for Barnwell this week, couldn’t find it, but last week his column was on Plus. I guess I could check his twitter feed.

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OK, so we don’t have a general FF thread, but here’s the deal:
I have Taysom Hill, and currently he is listed in ESPN as a “TE QB” flex, meaning he can be put into the TE slot or the QB slot.
But, he’s been (unofficially, via sources to ESPN) named the Starting QB by NO for this week’s game.
How do your leagues handle this? Can he only be used as a QB this week, or can he be slotted into the TE spot and get points for his passes and rushes from the QB spot?
Quick note: I already played Murray last night as QB.

I love this NFC Least division. 6 games remaining. We are getting closer and closer to a 5 win team winning the division. Based on remaining schedules:
Eagles go like 1-5 or 2-4
Giants go 2-4
Washington goes 2-4
Dallas goes like 0-6 or 0-7 or something I dunno

Either the Eagles win at 5-10-1 or the Giants win at 5-11 with the tiebreaker over fellow 5-11 Washington. Best chance at 6 wins for any team is Washington with possibility vs Philly, Dallas, and Carolina

Or Dallas wins the division. What do I know