2020 College Football Discussion

OK, so this is a fucked-up season.
No way a non-Power 5 gets in. Power 5 shut them out of games with them, so no way to determine strengths and secondary stuff.
So, PAC-12 finally underway, except for one game, which got cancelled.
The Power 5 that gets eliminated is likely PAC-12, pending multiple blowouts by one team. Playoff committee will lean on pre-season opinions, build circular arguments from there.
Anywho, we’ll start discussing here. BYU fans welcome.

Now they (alleged smart analysts) are complaining about too few punts!

Nothing about the injury rate on punts, which I think (but not completely sure) have been higher than regular plays in the past few seasons.
From 2009:

Re the NFL:

Until last night, I was of the opinion that Jim Harbaugh would survive this season on “it was a one-off because of how screwed up the season was in general.” After last night though, I could easily see his tenure end with an embarrassing (worst-even loss in the series) blowout at tOSU.

And in some ways, it would be a fitting end.

South Carolina finally puts Will Muschamp out of his misery, which should put to bed any notion that Muschamp should be a head coach at any D-1 school. [Prediction: he gets another shot at somewhere like Akron or LA-Monroe, because … desperation on both sides.]

Another day another story about a program coddling their players. Is this another Baylor?

To be fair, it sounds like the Title IX office is totally screwed there and that only helped the football program.

Does Ed survive this?

Starting to wonder what a college that does Title IX right looks like.

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I think they call them unicorns.

An ear with only one kernel? That IS rare!

Don’t mention that to the CAS. It will get ideas and suddenly someone will start thinking we should be experts on how to run 4 or 5-receiver sets against a 3-man front, Cover-2 scheme when the offense is trailing by 4-7 points and under 2 minutes to play in various road environments.

Indiana at tOSU this weekend. Could be a battle. Might call off my CFB boycott. But, have to prepare for Thanksgiving, which will take all weekend and week, and I’ll have soccer matches to watch. Oh, the Sophie’s Choice.

So in BYU’s game Saturday the Heisman candidate QB Zach Wilson was wearing a head band that had “Any” on the first line, then “Team Time Place” and then it comes out that Washington tried to schedule them for this weekend since the Apple Bowl has been canceled and BYU said, “Well, let’s see.”

BYU wants to wait until the first CFP polls come out Tuesday night before making any commitment regarding additional games.

But to be fair, the restrictions that the PAC12 has up for nonconference games makes it kinda difficult for any team to want to play them. But we will see what happens after the poll is released tonight.

So, Zach does not make the scheduling decisions?

Well, BYU at 14 in the initial CFP rankings. Actually about where I was expecting. Some thought BYU would be higher but BYU isn’t going to get in the top 10 without beating a team that is in the top 15.

And it turns out even if BYU would have agreed on Sunday to play Washington this Saturday it wouldn’t have happened because it looks like Utah will be playing Washington on Saturday. Again, with the restrictions put on anyone who agrees to play a nonconference game against a PAC12 team, I will be shocked if any PAC12 team actually plays a nonconference game.

Good stuff here, on how college football dynasties fall:

Nice comeback by the Huskies.

Says that U-Dub has come back from 21-point deficits five times. I was definitely at one of those games.

News out of the B1G:

  • Northwestern/Minnesota cancelled. The Gophers have 40 positive cases. Means NW can clinch with either a win vs. Illinois on 12/12 (puts the Wildcats at 6-1) or a no-contest (leaves them at 5-1, but Iowa winning out leaves the Buckeyes at 6-2). I’m seeing people say the Wildcats have clinched the West; don’t see how unless Iowa/Illinois for Saturday is cancelled and I haven’t seen it.
  • tOSU/Michigan State rumored to be off. That hurts the Buckeyes, who’d be unable to get to the 6-game minimum required to get into the conference title game unless the league average falls below 6. Currently 36 total games played, so everyone has averaged 5 1/7 games; if enough (like, nearly all the rest of them) get cancelled, the Buckeyes might be OK fi they round down - but
  • Michigan has “paused team activities” and allegedly also has positive cases so its game vs. Maryland might be off. It would also put the tOSU game in jeopardy and that would screw the Buckeyes and give the East title to Indiana, who
  • just learned that QB Michael Penix is out for the year (ACL tear, same one he tore in 2018).

Sarah Fuller wins SEC Special Teams player of the week.

18 Coastal Carolina 7-0/9-0 has replaced Liberty this weekend with 13 BYU 9-0 this Saturday.

Winner could challenge Cincinnati for the G5 bid in the NYD 6. Or could argue for an at large bid.

CC wins a battle of undefeated,

We’ll never know, until NYD, at least, just how good this team is. Still has the Ragin’ Cajuns to beat, though.

Also, regarding the top four which is all that matters, old-school AO Conference-style:

  1. SEC Champion.
  2. ACC Champion.
  3. Big Ten Champion, if tOSU.
  4. One-loss Alabama.
  5. One-loss ND.
  6. C-F of 2-loss champions and two-loss runners-up opens the door for CoCa or UCin.

Michigan vs. Ohio State is off. Wolverines have teh COVID.

Good news: Michigan doesn’t have to worry about getting routed by 50+ now.