2020-21 English Premier League discussion

Kind of worried that ggw won’t find this place, and I’m not sure if anyone else has the entries for the contest.
Let’s just say I win it all.

Anywho, fun table so far. I guess this is why the big-name teams want to keep playing other Euro teams regardless of the league outcome. CHE/ARS/MCI/MUN are all 10th or lower.
Leeds, SOU, AVL, and CRY are surprise guests in the top half.

TOT the only loser for the EPL in Euro competition this week.
To lowly R. Antwerp, making their first foray in the Europa League (was runner-up in European Cup Winners Cup in 92/93).

Meanwhile, ENG making their way to the top of the UEFA Coefficient rankings. Only 1.4 points away, which I think can be achieved before the end of the year. If not, ENG drops a 5-point deficit from '16/'17 to take the top from Spain.
Though with TOT losing to the sixth worst team in the competition makes me question the coefficient system for predicting anything.

Thanks for relocating this thread from the AO. I don’t know if you would have won but I expect you would finish ahead of me with all my poor picks.
Spurs are driving me crazy in both the Premier and Europa competitions with their ups and downs.

Spurs would be tied for first in the EPL if they hadn’t blown that 3-0 lead against West Ham two weeks ago…

I would have liked to have seen that game. And three or four others. Instead, LIV game, EVE game, WOL game. Meh.
I should send a strongly worded letter to the EPL, telling them how NBC/Peacock is cocking it up.

Hi guys, I don’t remember my picks…but I’m sure I would have won :laughing:

Sorry, I’ve already declared victory. BOW TO ME!!!

NBCSN had some great Reruns of Mecum Auto Auctions on this morning. Better than the EPL match involving the last three EPL Champions. The way those cars are towed up on the block… so fascinating!

Fun weekend, as the League had three 1st-Place takeovers. LIV started the weekend in 1st, overtaken by SOU on Saturday (on Goal Differential), followed by TOT early Sunday, then LEI right afterward.

Heading in to an International Break.

Must have been a heady experience for the last three clubs on that list…

Grumpy Pundits was so funny today. First they were discussing a year Arsenal and Tottenham battled for the title and Spurs finished third as always. Then it shifted to to Brexit vote where Spurs were leading and it came in Leave, Stay, Spurs.

Here is an interesting stats-driven piece re EPL. I’m playing catch-up on these stats.

He does a similar dive into the other Euro leagues today.

I will start believing in the Spurs this season if they beat MC tomorrow.

That’ll be a good match. It’s on NBC tomorrow, not Peacock exclusive.
LIV v LEI on Sunday on NBCSN here. Maybe NBC/Universal/Comcast got the message not to put the top matches on streaming-only.

Just found this place. I’ll try to update later today.

Sorry, I already called the contest. I won. I have a whole youtube that proves it!! Watch it yourself!! Open your mind!!!

Handball calls are still an issue. Some people, people tell me, are not watching soccer anymore because of it.
In this article, the Champions League call on Rennes’ Dalbert vs CHE seems extremely obvious to me that it IS handball. Arms in an unnatural position, no way a defender should ever have arms like that when a ball is going to be kicked toward the goal and the defender, even if it did go off the defender’s foot first.
I can’t view the LaLiga ones.
The Serie A match of JUV-ATA seemed handballs to me as well.
If anything, this could clearly show how often referees missed handball calls prior to VAR.
Keep your arms down.

Through mostly 8 matches:

Place: Contestant: Points: Change: Tiebreaker 1: Tiebreaker 2: Tiebreaker 3: Tiebreaker 4:
1 Cho Da 40 U0
2 furiouslugaw 42 U0 Liverpool
3 greenman 42 U0 Manchester City
4 Minnesotah 44 U0 Liverpool
5 538 44 U0 Manchester City
6 Cooke 45 U0 Liverpool
7 Jaspatluc 45 U0 Manchester City
8 Kid Rock 46 U0 Liverpool
9 ggwolverines 46 U0 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur
10 Jahiegel 46 U0 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea Manchester United
11 Abelian Grape 47 U0
12 Traina 50 U0 Chelsea
13 ActuarialFun 50 U0 Manchester City
14 Dr T Non-Fan 53 U0
15 ImPrettyDumb 58 U0

Thank you for continuing this tradition!

CHE on top this morning, but then TOT won.
TOT on top. For now. First time at the end of a day (recall before the break they were on top until the next match ended) in six years, said NBC.
LEI can top them with a win, LIV can tie them on points but not GD with a win.