20 Questions Game 19

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I’m thinking of something

Is it alive?

animal, vegetable, or mineral?

Yeah, we don’t seem to be playing with that rule. When I was a kid, that was ALWAYS the first question.

I’ll go with:
Is it alive?

Ha! Ninja’d. That wasn’t there when I started typing my question. :slight_smile:

  1. (Kat987) Is it alive? No

When I was a kid it was “person, place, or thing”

Interesting. That’s a standard phrase, but not one that I associate with 20 questions. :slight_smile:

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

(which is about the size of a small microwave or large toaster oven.)

  1. (Kat987) Is it alive? No
  2. (Lucy) Is it bigger than a breadbox? No

Is it mobile.

Is it commonly found in a home?

we should have a rule where you can’t ask more than 5 questions that are from the previous game. to spice things up

  1. (Kat987) Is it alive? No
  2. (Lucy) Is it bigger than a breadbox? No
  3. (YankeeTripper) Is it mobile? No 1
  4. (Lucy) Is it commonly found in a home? Yes 2

1 Such that a person/car/animal is mobile, but an ASM Study Manual is not mobile
2 Using the Given we are talking about item prior, would it be common to find it in a home definition.

Does it use electricity?

I like this idea.

I’m not sure I like that. At a minimum we’d have to have the full list of the prior questions in the thread. In such a way that the whole list shows without having to click on the post.

Or just wait to split out the thread so that there are two games in a thread that is later split or something.

It still seems like a lot of scrolling and checking and extra hassle…

How about at the start of the game, the dealer specifies 10 keywords (noun or adjective) that the players can’t include in their questions.
Kind of like taboo.
Just thinking outside the box here.
lol. But, back the game!

Is it smaller than an orange

just open a second tab and look at the last (or nearly last) post in the prior thread – easier than having it in one thread.