16yo with 4 exams

tl;dr 16 years old, has p, fm, ifm, and srm.

How much real analysis does he have??? :smirk:

why does a kid like that even need high school? he was probably bored the entire time.

Why does a kid like that want to become an actuary?


asking the real questions

i’m not sure that him passing actuarial exams in high school for fun necessarily means he will wind up being an actuary.

what do you suggest he do for a living instead though?

I can understand passing p and fm. No idea what ifm and srm are. If they’re insurance related then nobody takes those for “fun”

people don’t generally take all these exams in high school either. i’m not sure it’s an indication that he will be an actuary. we all have different definitions of fun. his sounds like it’s actuarial exams.

so what should he do for a living if not actuary?

someone get this kid on here so we can turn him against the profession ASAP!!!

if he’s interested in probability. then maybe a statistician or data scientist.
if he’s interested in financial mathematics, then maybe a quant?

I don’t know. I’m too pigeonholed to know what’s the hot job these days.

he might wind up doing one of those things. i don’t think that him taking actuarial exams in high school necessarily means he is committed to being an actuary. some people play sports for fun. he takes actuarial exams.


My point is that if he’s smart enough to pass four exams at 16, why is he wasting his time on them? He’s too bright to be investing in this career (which is what taking several exams is). And if he’s just doing it for fun, there are far more stimulating and interesting academic pursuits.

I’m always perplexed when the brightest people settle for the actuarial career. It’s a career for smart people, not brilliant people. Don’t brilliant people find this career pretty dull?

I’m not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but doing pension valuation after pension valuation is not exactly fun times.

I think he is doing the exams for fun though. What else should he be doing in high school for fun?

My guess is passing these exams was not difficult for him in order to question the time investment

Lol, I literally care nothing what this kid wants to do with his time, nor do I care why.

He is an outlier. That makes it interesting. I like wondering why outliers do what they do.

actually i line with your post, if he’s smart enough to pass four exams at 16, why is he wasting his time in high school? is he actually learning anything from teachers all of whom he is smarter than, with a high school curriculum that he is also way above at this point?

maybe he loves insurance

there’s not anything super special about going into something like academia that all the other smart kids tend to do that makes it any more worthy of attention

if he finds out how to shave 1% of the industry expense ratio, I would consider that to be a monumental achievement of humanity and a career well spent

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Actually when I took p I was like wow this is so fun it’s all about probability. All the prelims were okay. Then the upper exams was when I started to doubt my life choices.

Maybe this kid got suckered in the same way. I mean, it’s hard to quit taking exams because of the sunken cost.

I don’t know what it is now, but I really enjoyed Exam C and wish I ever got to see any of that material on the job. I hear maybe they do in CAS type jobs…