Your Favorite TaekBangLeeSsang


  • Bisu
  • Stork
  • Jaedong
  • Flash

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Zerg player, duh. Savior was a fav pre-match fixing.

Oops, I meant to vote for Bisu.

Flash is undoubtedly the best of the bunch but toss is my favorite.

I had to google who the heck these people were.

I’m old. I used to play Warcraft when it came out. I played Warcraft II. A LOT!. I played Starcraft when it came out, then Warcraft III. I finished the single player campaigns on them all, except for Zerg on Brood War. I just wasn’t adept at handling vast amounts of lower powered units. I fell out of love with RTS games to play the FPS of the day, which was Unreal Tournament at the time.

I built a gaming rig a couple of years ago and tried to play Starcraft on it. It was the original, free version not the remastered. It was so damn clumsy to control units. I knew what I wanted to do, but the clumsiness of the 3 phases of “build units/assemble groups/attack” felt like I was fighting the poor programming rather than fighting the enemy for the objectives.

I never played a single minute of WOW or any of SCII, nor LOL. I also don’t see the attraction to watching other players (pro players) on Twitch.

I did on your behalf.

So this has nothing to do with the paper poll?

Agree Flash is OP. Shoutout to BoxeR for oldschool originality tho.

Flash is like the Tim Duncan of starcraft imo

I don’t understand a single post in this thread.

Pretty sure it is about one of those Korean boy bands I have never heard of.

You’ve heard of them now!

So after watching the video, I feel I may have been correct after all. Not the best music video, but the tune was catchy-ish.

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