You’re replying too quickly. Please wait 3 minutes before trying again

Why am I getting this message?!


It’s in the site settings. It’s meant to discourage spamming or flooding.

If it becomes a problem, we can override it.

I wasn’t aware I was doing any flooding. At least not more than normal anyway.
What was the specific trigger?

I think it’s 5 minutes between posts.

But it’s changeable.

Like any post? How did I converse in any thread before this? Is this new? (argghh, I can’t even respond to your post in a timely manner thanks to this, definitely a problem). I need it to be 5 seconds, not 5 minutes.

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I’m still getting this issue

just tried. yup, same issue, but 3 minutes, not 5.

Sorry. Try now.


yap yap

the message says “wait 3 minutes” but in actuality I think it’s 20 seconds. so likely fine.

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