You can't oust the Oz

I heard this this once doctor turned miracle cure dude is running for senate or something.

And, I read that during his medical career he was actually good at his job, so he’s not dumb or something. That makes me wonder how he can live with himself.

He’s a quack.

Running for Senate from Pennsylvania.

But confusion is understandable, since lots of reasons to think he lives in New Jersey. A claim New Jersey might deny, but we don’t want him either.

Makes my wife glad to be a registered Republican, since she can vote against him in the primary while I can’t. She votes overwhelmingly democratic in the general elections, especially after Trump’s rise in Republican ranks, but primarily democratic almost forever.


The strange thing is that by all accounts he is a great surgeon.

But for everything else, he’s a flim flam man.

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I’m looking through the candidate list for the Republican primaries and it’s confusing. Is there anyone worth voting for? It just looks like a random mishmash of business people or people who previously tried running for office before. I would have thought I dunno, maybe they could pick an existing state representative or someone with actual experience governing.

Cheney in Wyoming?

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Lots of religious nuts in STEM fields. Not all too surprising. People are good at compartmentalizing their intellect.

Who’s “they”?
A primary is for anyone with the required number of signatures who is also a member of that party. In this case, the “they” is likely Oz himself.

Oprah will be pulling the strings, Oz is her Manchurian dude

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I’m tired of unqualified TV stars in politics. He’s an actively hurtful person.


His talent and skills for being a surgeon are independent of his motivations.

If by ‘quack’ you mean ‘supports ivermectin for covid,’ that might be net positive for him here.