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Had to go to the data center today. 151 front Street in Toronto.

No real front door, it’s a card to even open the first door.

The first door takes you into a glass cage in front of security. Both front and back doors of the cage can’t be open at the same time. After the cage the only place you can go is the elevator, which goes to only one floor dictated by your card.

On the floor, there’s only hallways with steel doors.

Then there is a thumbprint and card scanner. Which is apparently an IQ test given how much trouble I have with it.

Here’s the data center.

And my little piece of the net. Goactuary server is second from bottom.

And lol the last pic didn’t work.


I like that I walked past this corner of the net several times while we were at the annual meeting last year, even if it wasn’t yet this corner of the net.

Thanks, that was interesting.

I have officially removed the bookmarks in my browser for our beloved AO and the backdoor to our beloved AO. Me sad. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here is the actual server, we are on the bottom.

Onsite backups are the topserver.

Needs a flaming skull and racing stripes.

That’s cool, thanks for sharing!

Why did you have to go there?

I had to physically install another server that’ll be my vpn/crm stuff for work. I had a server installed for that purpose but then this site used it. So I installed my spare server.

I go in rarely. It’s often years between trips. I tend to overpower the hardware (any one of those servers could likely handle the load of all four and still be overpowered) and servers never break down with the environment (temperature, clean power, etc) so I can mostly just put stuff in and walk away for quite a while. Last update I did hardware wise IIRC was to put in new hard drives; upgraded to SSD on the work drives, put in new iron drives for the archive type stuff. The old drives were still running fine but they were a bit older than I was comfortable with.

The server for this site only has the forum on it. Dual CPU’s, a decent amount of memory, SSD for the OS and raid 1 SSD for the forum software itself. The workload dial is sitting pretty much at 0. Even if traffic levels get to old AO level the server isn’t likely to blink.


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