XP Actuarial for SDM

After a hiatus due to some family health issues, XP is back for SDM. Here is a critique of what we offer


  • we are intended only for students who use the textbooks to study as our study manual is not a “cut and paste” of the source material, but rather a combination of intuitive explanations and condensed summaries.
  • we offer only digital flash cards - no printed cards nor ANKI cards
  • we offer only one product - a full online seminar, with manual, flash cards, questions, practice exams, and case study tools, and coaching on how to tackle this exam
  • we are definitely NOT an “easy” path to passing this exam


  • we have had many sittings with pass rates in the 80’s and in Spring-2019 we even had a 92% pass rate (11 of our 12 students passed)
  • our last sitting - Summer 2020, more than half of all passing students were XP students.
  • we did this by discovering that the exam was different from the rest of the Finance track and that students needed better explanations of the material & case study, much better understanding & coaching on how to answer SDM-style questions, and most importantly proper SDM-like questions to practice with

The cost ($950) is less than half the price of PAK’s Online seminar, so I like to say that along with our pass rates, it makes us 4X better :slight_smile:

We had many testimonials on the old Actuarial Outpost forum (RIP!), but many can be found here: https://xpactuarial.com/testimonials/#sdm

Here are a couple of examples of typical students who used XP for SDM:
“I truly believe your assistance and alternative approach to how to take this exam was the difference. After four previous 5’s on SDM, you can imagine how ecstatic I was upon seeing my candidate number on the ‘pass list’. And now, on my fifth attempt and first with XP, I just found out I got an 8!”
– Kelly Gamlin, SDM Student

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed! Really appreciated your study manual and the way you went about teaching the material. Full disclosure, I was nervous about switching from PAK since I had used it for the first two exams and felt comfortable with it, but I’m really glad I did. (It was your posts on the outpost talking about the pass rate and a couple of student testimonials that flipped me.) Glad I could contribute to keeping the pass rate high for you!”
– Greg B, SDM Student

Our Premium Pass Rate product is available now at the Actuarial Bookstore and Actex.
More info here: https://xpactuarial.com/exam-sdm/