XKCD strips

I think XKCD deserves its own thread. But I was inspired by today’s:

I didn’t realize I was true neutral. :wink:

same. I just grab as I need.

I can’t even imagine taking from the center first.

Reminds me of barbell effect A/L/M strategies.

I’d say that “Chaotic Neutral” is very well thought out and organized. :man_shrugging:

Imma gonna post this here:

Python’s pyplot package has a font color palette that is called “xkcd” after this comic when it did a “user” poll on what color looks “best” . . .

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I am 100% lawful neutral. I always try to make the eggs as balanced as possible.

Puzzles from Randall’s grandpa


My removal of eggs from my reusable plastic container most resembles Lawful Good, but online tests have characterized me as Lawful Neutral. They did not make reference to eggs.