WWIII watch

China and Russia teaming up

NK prepping for nukes

The new Axis powers are in the brew

I give it <5 years

What specific conditions most concern you that could lead to WW3?

A potential chinese invasion of Taiwan is worrisome.

While the current spat between Armenia and Azerbaijan could stay local, it could also easily drag in Iran, Turkey, and Russia. Perhaps Israel. Russia would be highly likely to get involved if they didn’t already have the Ukraine mess happening…

Well, I dunno. The specific conditions aren’t that interesting to me. But Xi’s Russia visit means that a Russia + China against the world situation is more imminent.

The media is enjoying this recent visit, however Putin and Xi meet similarly every year, alternating which one does the traveling every year. I don’t know that they’re really any more teamed up than they already have been in the past.

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Agree with ALS. Nothing really new to see here.

China will be far more concerned with their global economics. The last thing they need is to be included in some of the same (financial) sanctions placed on Russia.

And I would say that Albert Einstein best expressed the likely scenario regarding WW3:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”


With a son who just turned 18 this is not good idle chatter.

Russia and China have tried teaming up in the past.

Autocrats don’t make good bedfellows, they all want o be on top.

I don’t wear watches anymore

My daughter said that they had a tornado watch in her area a couple of days ago.

I told her that we had a tornado clock . . . but it wasn’t ticking.

Do you buy tornado watches at Tourneau?