Writing utensils

I thought there was a thread for this, but maybe it was on the AO, or maybe on discord, since I can’t find it here on GoA.

We just finished up some massive deadlines at work, so I am picking up studying again, but I am having issues with the pens I bought for work. I’m using the uni-ball signo but it keeps skipping. On a line with 30 characters, excluding spaces, it failed on 10 of them. I caught myself gripping harder, pressing down harder, and that’s not going to fly.

Help, please. I need suggestions.

I’d have said uniball myself. But I dunno pens other than gel pens are nice. You study with a pen?

Pencils, I know pencils. I ordered a bunch some years ago to try them all out. Zebra 701 is my favourite, and they’re cheap. Rotting 600 is a nice pencil, but more on the expensive side. Straight up comfort though, nothing beats the dirt cheap paper mate comfort mate.

Reminds me of the last time I bought erasers at the town office supply store. I asked if I could bring them back if I didn’t make any mistakes. Deadpan lack of response. I think they didn’t know what to say.

+1 on the Rotring 600. I used to use a Pentel Twist Erase III which probably the most comfortable pencil I used, I really liked the 0.9 mm too way back when I thought 0.5 was always too small and broke too much. I switched to the rotring 600 cause I was sick of the constant dulling of the .9, and it’s just so much better. Top tier mechanical pencil imo. I’d probably recommend the retractable version, just cause it is painful if it’s in your pockets.

Only flaw is the erasers are garbage. I’d take the Twist Erase’s eraser anyday over the Rotring.

I’m rocking Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. Cheap, reliable, smooth, decent erasure.

I keep a little staedtler sharpener on my desk. It only takes a moment to refresh the tip.

For pens, I’ve recently become enamored of uniball signo dx 0.38, but some colors write more smoothly than others.

Since I started studying for my FSA, yes. The writing for 5 hours and wanting it to be legible and training myself to cross stuff out rather than erase, for me, requires a pen. For the math problems all day studying of the prelims, I was solely pencil, but I can’t read those notes anymore because pencil rubs, fades, etc.

I may go back to the pilot precise v3 or v5, but those run out of ink fast :sob: I bought a 12 pack of refills and went through all of them way faster than expected, but I don’t remember them skipping (I need to find my binder of notes for the exam I was working on and check if my memory is faulty, that’s known to happen a lot lately).

I used cheap erasable pens (friXion I think). I don’t think they are as effective at writing as a fancy pen like you have… but I wanted to be able to erase. Crossing out is faster, but it’s also somewhat limiting if you’re making a table or something.

I stopped using ballpoint pens a good 25 years ago: I would get wicked writer’s cramp from pressing down too hard and the death grip I put on the pen. Ballpoint pens are eeeeeeeeevil!!!

I typically use the Pilot 0.7mm Hi-TecPoint (the 0.5mm would skip on me fast!). Sure, they cost more than ballpoints, but I still remember the awful pain I endured with ballpoints!! You can also get a little foam sleeve to slide over the pen: you won’t need a death grip!!

I am team Pilot Precise v5

Instead of measuring my study time in hours, I measured it in pens used

If I could exhaust 5 Precise v5s writing notecards over and over again I knew I could pass my exam

Now that I am done with exams for good I go through about 2 pens a year, a much more sustainable pace

G-2 used to be the thing at work, but a few years back a lot of people switched to Inkjoy.

I have a G-2, but the point is too big, I’ll have to look for a smaller size, and check out inkjoy, I don’t think I’ve tried those before.

I’ve had good luck with the blue, the brown-black, and the green-black, though. Most of the dicey colors are light.

I generally take whatever is in front of me. I have two 4-color pens that I use. My wife buys the G-2 in a 12-pack, so I’ll use those. mainly for crossword puzzles and whatever minimal notes I take for work.
For pencils, I use Bic Velocity 0.7 with replaceable graphite and erasers. Those are for more difficult puzzles that for which I require erasers.

Anything over 0.5 is like writing with a crayon.


I don’t really like the barrel on the inkjoy (it’s super chunky, which feels weird), but appreciate the suggestion, because these things write great, no skipping in 10 pages of notes thus far.

The pilot precise v5 refills I ordered arrived today, so I may switch since they have a somewhat thinner barrel which feels more comfortable to me, but if they skip, I will definitely be coming back to the inkjoy.

I rip too much paper with 0.5’s, and when it etches into the paper without ripping it, it’s hard to erase.
Yes, I need thicker paper.

Stop pressing so hard, dang. Get a darker lead so you can ease up.

Like this. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B008JF3RLC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabt1_-1yVFb0YA80VD

Or, I wait until my 0.7’s pencils break.

I mean, I get it, we have some aficionados here. But I’ve got a drinking glass full of pens and pencils on my desk, so I’m not buying any more until I’ve emptied them all.
Going 9B if necessary. Once you go black,…

Not sure if aficionado or not, but here’s my pencils to date. Also I’m pretty particular about my erasers and my pencil cases. At least two of everything. Pencil-wise i am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

And I have a calculator and a backup calculator. And a spare just in case someone needs to borrow one.

Typing this, I realized that I don’t have a backup zebra 701. I’ll rectify that on my next Amazon order.

Why do you press down so hard? Sheesh, you may as well just use a crayon.