Winning The Lottery Thought

Yeah, no way am I risking $3,000,000 for a chance at $900,000,000.

WTF would I do with $900,000,000?!?!

I mean, I guess I’d put it in a charitable foundation that I ran, but there’s only a little more utility in $900,000,000 than $3,000,000.

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Speak for yourself!

Sure, sure… I kinda figured that was implied when I said that I would take the wimp clause.

Hmmm, maybe we should do a poll… $3,000,000 no strings attached, or spend $90,000,000 in 30 days with nothing to show for it in order to get $900,000,000.

I’ll launch my independent presidential campaign tomorrow. I’m sure I can easily burn up 90M in 30 days on ad spend.

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“NONE OF THE ABOVE” Has my vote!


Yeah, I suppose now that the movie showed us what to do maybe it’s not actually all that difficult.

Could you be really stupid about it… like advertising on TV stations in, say, Tibet or Swaziland or some other place where you’re not actually reaching very many United States registered voters?

I’ll take $90M in $100 GME calls for tomorrow, that should do it.

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book every single available hotel room in every major city and let the homeless stay in them for 30 days

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Y’all missed one very important stipulation of the challenge.

You can’t do something that would call “undue attention” to your actions.

IMO, I think the best antic that was done was buying the highly valuable collector’s stamp . . . and actually using it to mail the article about the sale to the oversight board.

I don’t remember that restriction. Running for office would call plenty of attention to you.

The rule I remember was that he couldn’t destroy anything of value. But using the rare stamp for its intended purpose was clearly NOT destroying it.

There was a restriction on how much could go to charity… that might count as charity.

That’s what Monty thought when he bet on Loyola’s field hockey team. Also, when he invested in the iceberg company.

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But it wouldn’t have been considered “undue” though. Everyone knew he had the money, so spending it on an attempt to run for office wouldn’t have drawn any more attention than the other candidates had.

And the risk being run there was holding office which would’ve counted as having economic value at the deadline.

But I think you’re right; it wasn’t exactly an explicit stipulation, but there was a clear delineation that people can’t suspect that he was trying to waste/spend/deplete that entire amount.

Right, he couldn’t tell anyone that he had to spend the $30 million to get the $300 million. But he could call all the attention to himself that he wanted… due or undue.

Such as paying the New York Yankees to play his minor league baseball team with himself as the pitcher. And hiring a band to meet the team at the airport. Because as coach Jerry Orbach pointed out, “you can’t play baseball without a band. [/red]”

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