Windows 11

I have nothing to say about Win 11. Yet.

But here is a thread to discuss today’s release.

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I’ve only just gotten used to 10!


They made it look like a mac. As an avid windows user (who refuses to use a mac for no reason other than being set in my ways) this a bit disappointing.

They are allowing you to use Android apps from the Amazon app store. The Amazon app store does not have gmail, youtube, or any google app. It does sound like it will be using the apps natively though.

The question is whether you can sideload the apks.

More on the Amazon stuff:

So, let’s ask Amazon and Microsoft their own pair of uncomfortable questions:

  • Will Amazon agree to distribute Android apps unmodified from what developers upload, with the original signatures intact? Amazon’s behavior is policy, and policies can be rescinded.
  • Will Microsoft commit to having ways to distribute Android apps to Windows 11 users, where those apps are unmodified and retain their original signatures? If we have alternatives to Amazon’s AppStore for Android that are reasonable for developers, reasonable for users, and avoid the tampering, that would be a massive win.

My point was regardless whether or not Amazon or Microsoft have a formalized way of distributing apps not in the Amazon store, the apps are online and can be downloaded as an APK.

For example, you can watch YES games (Yankee games) on Fox Sports Go. That app is not supported in the Amazon app store. I can download the APK onto my computer though. Will that app work or not?

Ugh. I miss XP. 10 is bad but was supposed to be the eternal version of Windows.

Excited that ads and recommended apps will be removed from the Start Menu, and Cortana won’t be as prominent at least (not clear if it’s entirely removed).

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what a surprise


Can we do a vote about the direction. Rather than trying to make windows more and more apple-like let’s make it more and more XP/older windows-like


Meme seen on Reddit: