WinCo hype

I heard this store was like the greatest thing since Costco. Anyone been to it?

[based on 1 visit] WinCo prices are low. Plenty of produce. Doesn’t take credit cards.

They treat their employees well, we shop there a lot.

WinCo is a win, Bro. What more do you need to know?

Well, ya got me. I need to stop shopping at FailCo.

And move out west.

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No. Yes.

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I used to occasionally shop at Winco when one was on my beaten path.

Pros: low, low prices, a few packaged items I couldn’t find elsewhere

Cons: no credit cards, you have to bag your own groceries, the one I shopped at seemed to not store refrigerated goods properly as they would go bad within 48 hours, despite having a sell by or use by date at least a week out.

That last one might be location-specific, but I just stopped buying anything refrigerated there. Frozen or shelf-stable was fine.

I wouldn’t swear to it, but my recollection is that they don’t accept any coupons.

Not exactly a con, but it had a sort-of Walmart vibe to it. Probably the person in front of you and behind you in line are both paying with food stamps. Not too uncommon to see police cars there and the floor was perpetually gross.

But I’d also see the occasional late-model Mercedes or BMW in the parking lot. :woman_shrugging:

I’m too close to a Walmart, Target and 2 other local chains (first 2 within walking distance next 2 within 3-5 minute drive) while the 2 Winco’s are about 15 minutes away each in opposite directions and I drive by 10 other grocery stores. So while Winco is often cheaper and I like their selection of produce, I often don’t go because I’m to lazy to drive that far.

Fixed that, cuz actuarial analysis of time value of money.

I have not heard of this place until now. There is one farther than 15 minutes, so pass. They seem to be all over the hick section of SoCal (Riverside, San Berdoo, Victorville, Lancaster), which is where the cheaper land is. There is one close to where I’ll be this weekend. Will check it out, post a review. I like the “Open 24/7” aspect. Trader Joe’s is open only 13 hours a day.
We do have a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market (sing it with me!), with their 5-second radio ads, around here somewhere. That place was shit. My friend said that it is a place to go first, but expect not to find everything there on your list.

Yeah, then just go when it’s on your way home. The one I used to go to was more or less on the way home from church (maybe added a mile on to the drive) so the times I went I was usually on my way home from church or something in that part of town.

Never heard of it!

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Grocery Outlet is well known in wine circles for having the occasional amazing wine bargain. When you find a bargain though, it sells pretty quickly - within hours. I’ve gone back to the store first thing the next morning to scoop up any remaining bottles of a wine I’ve liked.