Will you go back to the office?

They had this company-wide cost-cutting measure with a flashy name after several consecutive quarters of not meeting earnings targets. It was during the cost-cutting measure that they implemented the policy that students had to get corporate credit cards.

I mean there were maybe 20 students in the company. If each one had $5,000 of expenses and they were earning, let’s generously say 2% cash back, that’s $2,000 a year across the whole company. But hey, $2,000 is $2,000. :woman_shrugging:

And you know why? So that Bill Lumbergh’s stock will go up a quarter of a point.


I’m sure it was nowhere near that much!!!

My old company issued corporate cards for anyone with over $2k in annual expenses

But you had to put in the request yourself

I went over every year and I would get a notification promoting me to request a corporate card which I would ignore

Over the past decade I’ve probably expensed close to $30k on study materials, exam fees, FSA/MAAA dues, and SOA annual meeting related expenses

Perhaps Bill Lumbergh’s stock is BRK.A.

Verified the first figure, was correct & just happened.


Second figure is just wild. During COVID (though it was in Texas)? I guess the leases were still being paid.

Its ratio of width to depth suggests a possible candidate for conversion to residential units. Yes, yes, I’m aware it’s still not easy due to plumbing & HVAC issues.

And it might be deceptively deep so possibly not as much natural light as that view might lead one to conclude.

I assume they can add windows in those indentations that have windows partway but not all the way down. (Or maybe those are elevator shafts???)

Here’s an article from 10/2020 that says it was 80% leased at the time:

How many of those leases declined to renew? I bet a lot of those were multi-year leases signed before Covid hit.

But as they’ve come up for renewal I bet a lot either didn’t renew at all or leased significantly less space at renewal.

Vacancy rate was at 22% vs 11% for the rest of DTFW.

The building’s vacancy rate stood at 22% last quarter, compared to a significantly lower 11.5% vacancy rate in Downtown Fort Worth

It sold for $12 / square foot.

It works out to a bit over 25,000 square feet per floor, so you could carve that up into maybe eight ~2,500 foot condos per floor plus some common interior space (elevators, trash chute, storage closets. 2 deep and 4 wide?

4 corner units per floor would have lots of light and the 4 non-corners would still have some. All interior bathrooms & laundry rooms with no windows at all, closets towards the inside, kitchen interior but opens to a light bright living room. Seems like it could be done. Make the corners a bit bigger / more expensive and the non-corners smaller / more affordable.

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So, my Connecticut town relies on a referendum to seek approval for the town budget for the coming fiscal year.

Today is referendum day.

This is also the first budget after our most recent property tax revaluation, which the state requires be done at least once every five years.

According to the assessor’s vendor, since the prior revaluation:

  • Residential property values have increased 49%
  • Commercial property values have increased 5%
    …and the state doesn’t permit towns to have different mill rates for commercial and residential properties.

The town has proposed phasing in the revaluation over two years.

The implications to residential property owners’ proposed tax bills over the next couple of years are left as an exercise to the reader.

(I’m getting ready to go to the polling station to vote against the budget. State allows a longer phase in time… I know that at the end of the period, I am going to have a much bigger tax bill, but I’d prefer to delay the inevitable, and ask Jeff Bezos to delay his tax relief.)

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One additional piece of information that is necessary for the “exercise for the reader”: total grand list growth was 31.5%.

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Glad I voted.


Wow. In the town I grew up in, one time the mayoral election was decided by one vote.

There was a sheriff’s race (IIIRC) recently that was decided by 1 vote. I think I posted a link about it at the time.