Will Jet's live up to the hype

Hey you Michiganlanders some dude told me to order Jet’s but I like, live in the land of pizza so is it even gonna candle compare?

ah, thought this was going to be about football

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It’s fine. Not amazing. Not bad. It’s greasy crispy pan pizza, very different from Chicago deep dish.

It’s also like a $30 commitment, just try it and see if you like it.

You can buy Jet slices by me for about $3. Yeah, the way the crust crunches up is what makes it good, imo. I’d always go there over the Papa Johns, which is two doors down, for whatever that’s worth. I probably go there less than the Casey’s across the street, but that’s likely because Casey’s has later hours.

They’re basically Green Bay East at this point…also much older…I won’t actively root against them, but I don’t see them winning the big game. Speaking of which, I hear that @colonelsmoothie is buying the pizza for the party.

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I like it but I’m single to a whole pizza is a bit much and to my knowledge they don’t do slices in Milwaukee. Just got a coupon for the tripleroni for $16.

I didn’t like it at first but after living in Wisconsin for a while, I liked it. Then I stopped living in Wisconsin.

I do like the guy’s mustache.

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Jet’s made me sick last time I had it. I was disappointed, because I really liked it up to that point.

I tried it over the weekend. It was pretty good, but also $44 for a three topping pizza. Not sure if I would put that in the “best pizza” category like some people would but I would order it again.

It kind of looks like Little Caesars, being like, rectangular and all. But I’ve never tried Little Caesars, is it good?

It’s not saying much that Little Caesar’s is about the best pizza option in my town. But for what it is, it’s pretty good. We always get the 8 squares one.